Editor a can-do kind of guy, not like BC Transit

Dear Editor:

I have just finished reading David Trifunov’s excellent editorial in the July 8 newspaper, “We can relate to senior’s dilemma.”

It reminded me of a saying that my mother often quoted. “It’s not why we can’t; it’s how we can.” She not only quoted it; she lived by it.

From reading the editorial, we can see that Trifunov, to his credit, belongs to the “How we can” group of people.

In contrast, the folks at BC Transit have demonstrated clearly that they are of the “Why we can’t” frame of mind. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Don Wigfield, Peachland

Letter enlightens readers on British discrimination

Dear Editor:

Re: Left Britain to escape from discrimination, letter by Derek Coyle, July 7, page A7.

Thank you for this fine, honest, informative letter which we all can and should learn from. Again, thank you for sharing.

Elaine Lawrence, Kelowna

Advertising booster helps local businesses

Dear Editor:

A huge thank you to John Hudson of The Daily Courier, staff at the Daily Courier, and the Westside Weekly for the Economy Booster 2020 advertising.

As businesses were hit hard with shutdowns of two months, the thoughtfulness of the people who run the newspaper is well appreciated by all businesses.

The Daily Courier was also hit hard with lack of advertising due to the COVID-19 and yet they still stepped up to the plate to help the business suffering from the shutdown.

Kudos to The Daily Courier and Westside Weekly. They truly have the community at heart. Thank you very much.

Maurice and Paulette Breault, Mad Hatter Bookstore, West Kelowna

Poor President Trump subjected to unfair attacks

Dear Editor:

I can’t believe the attacks U.S. President Donald Trump has had to endure over the last four or more years.

This man was elected by the same system that elect Barack Obama, the Bushes and others . He did not win the popular vote, but neither did our cute and pretty Justin Trudeau.

The news media just keeps baiting him to get silly responses. I have never seen such discrimination and racist comments against a sitting president.

I know he never graduated because you can tell by how to speaks. I know he went bankrupt and had a billion dollars in writeoffs. I know he hasn’t paid any taxes, but it’s all legal under U.S. law.

He has his family around him because he can trust them. No different than what happens here in Canada. People with degrees discriminate against his communication skills or lack of. He is doing what he was elected to do. Negotiate trade deals, stop China from leading the world and illegal immigration.

You may not like his hair or that he has a trophy wife or that he is a billionaire or he doesn’t speak like Trudeau. He does however make decisions, unlike our spoiled leader.

You also have to understand that he was raised as a developer. These people are different and will screw their trades, banks or investors any chance they get. That’s who they are. Been going on since the beginning of developers. This is how he negotiates with his party and other countries. Not pretty but gets the job down.

If you asked me has he helped his country, my answer is no he has not. However, it’s for the American people to decide.

I think the United States is like a wounded animal and ready to lash out at the world. They can’t see a future without U.S. leading it, dominating and will go to war if necessary.

I hear also that he lies. Oh really. Remember the SNC-Lavalin affair with Jody Wilson Raybould and Jane Philpott talking about lies and dishonesty and the so-called rule of law that does not exist for our PM.

Wish we had a Canadian Fox News, so I could get an honest perspective on things.

Mike Polvere, Peachland

There’s no need to apologize for being great

Dear Editor:

I read “Chairwoman admits past included prejudice” in the June 26 Daily Courier. It reminded me of the self-serving “apology tours” of Justin Trudeau and Barack Obama several years ago.

The idea that Canada and the United States should apologize for being great nations was and is absurd.

As to Moyra Baxter and her “apology,” I submit that it does not matter what you did, what you feel, or what you think. What does matter is what you do now. Every day. Save the apology. It does not matter.

Then, the article gets worse. School trustee Norah Bowman refers to “white privilege.” This is the latest socialist rubbish. We are in 2020. It is not 1950.

As a police officer in Portland, I had daily contact with white, black, Asian, and Mexican people who had built their business and careers through hard work and determination. They were truly living the American dream. They are not blaming white people for failure. They are celebrating their success that was possible through taking advantage of opportunities. White people have no apology to make.

There is a certain segment of all ethnic groups, white people as well, who try to work the system. Welfare programs, endless unemployment benefits and food stamps tend to enslave people to the socialist agenda.

In the United States the Democrats are forever seeking to expand these “programs” even more. The fact is, they have not worked. The failed system is perpetuated. The worst problems are in cities such as Chicago, Baltimore, Minneapolis, New York and Los Angeles. Any guess is to what political party is running these failed entities?

Bob Sherman, Kelowna

Proud to say again that Trump’s a great president

Dear Editor:

I am not squeamish about supporting our ally that saved our country during two world wars and a Cold War.

In my last letter, I noted 23 facts about what President Donald Trump has achieved for the U.S.

Here are a few additional facts the “worst”president has achieved:

Sanctioned Iran over its nuclear missile program and set its “Death to America” threat back on its heels to increase world safety.

Refused to certify the violated Iran nuclear deal.

Stopped nuclear testing by North Korea for about two years, negotiating peacefully.

First U.S. president to step on North Korea soil to meet with leaders.

Created a task force to reduce crime, shipped thousands of MS-13 and other gang members out of the U.S.

Signed an executive order to promote energy and made the U.S. totally independent from foreign oil and now the world’s largest producer of oil and natural gas on the world.

Signed an executive order to protect police officers.

Signed an executive order to target drug cartels.

Fixed the department of veteran’s affairs so vets can get proper medical services without waiting for months.

Listening blindly to dishonest political leaders is a mistake, voted in or not. Canadians should expect accountability from them. If they will not account, they are dangerous.

Let’s both be proud Canadians and help keep Canada free.

Garry Rayner, West Kelowna

How can you be great when you have hair like that?

Dear Editor:

Trump among the greatest presidents? Yeah, but he has a silly haircut. Wears his tie too long and his pants too short and he also cannot sit in a chair properly.

Additionally, some Dale Carnegie training might help. Maybe even a lobotomy to rid his predisposition to lie.

One could go on and on.

Paul Crossley, Penticton

Email: letters@ok.bc.ca