Dear Editor:

I was gratified to read your article on Tuesday about the Search and Rescue team and dogs, who make a really significant contribution in unpaid training and volunteer work helping find lost persons. 

What a great asset they are to our community. Thank you so much.

Then I read on to the next article about Kevin Kaardal, superintendent of the Central Okanagan Public Schools. He earns $275,000 a year. 

If ever two groups of people were compensated the wrong amount it is these two. 

He is grabbing everything he can at the public trough. 

Meanwhile, I do not doubt many teaching and support staff could find a good use for an extra $100,000 or more for the benefit of the students. 

Our provincial government should step up and find some compensation for the SAR volunteers. They should not have to subsidize what is an essential public service.

As for the school board, they need to reign in all these grossly inflated salaries. They are doing a shameful job at letting these salaries get to this point.

Sharon Lockwood, Vernon