Penticton golf tournament’s good works will continue

Dear Editor:

This will be the first weekend in 34 years I have not been in Penticton for what began as the Andy Moog and Friends Charity Golf Tournament at the Penticton Golf Club.

Since its inception in 1987 through it’s transition after 15 years to become Penticton and Friends, the first weekend in July has been a very memorable one for both me and my family.

My wife and daughters were at the lake or motel (or Fred Fedorak’s hoop camp) for most of those years and loved every moment, including the Naramata parade prize.

But more importantly, it has been significant in the landscape of the community, witness the first ever free-standing hospice in Canada bearing the name of Penticton’s native son and NHL veteran goaltender Andy Moog.

There are several other beneficiaries, but one that also comes to mind is the Penticton Training Centre.

It has become a tradition for organizers, guests and celebrities to meet there Friday at 11 a.m., so much so that I’m told it’s the only function annually that attracts 100% attendance among the registrants.

Of course, ample servings of Boston Pizza and Coke were attractions as well as the chorus of Happy Birthday to several of them. You haven’t experienced a hug until you’ve experienced theirs!

This, then is a plea, if you will, to all concerned to ensure something akin to this can continue, especially this year.

To that end, I have spoken to Guy Dow, head professional at the golf club, and he advises such wheels are in motion. I sent him my “hole sponsorship” and hope others can contribute to not only the aforementioned festivities, but also to the greater good which the tournament has provided.

At the risk of both missing someone and/or being excessive and thus edited out, I would like to thank some of those my memory will allow. Apologies to those I miss. I’ll start with all my “special” caddies including William Holowka of John Deere 1010 fame, along with Dow’s predecessor Al ‘Spuds’ McKenzie, Don Lancaster, Ron Jones, Dr. Ron Bentham, Dr. Nick Kastelen, John Jordan, Jim Treliving, George Melville, Pat Quinn, Stan Smyl, Mike Vernon, Finchy, Jim Milne, Mort Downey, Razor, Cowboy Bill Flett, Dan O’Rourke, Dennis Hull, Dan Russell, Chester Rempel, Bruce Judd, Jim Fortier, Jeff Omland, Wayne Heal, Larry Lund, Duncan Keith, Dixon Ward, Rob Wylie, Doli, Terry Montgomery and his staff, Rick Sentes, Greg Murtland, Ron Heinzelman, Penticton Men’s Club, the ladies and men volunteers, Ivan McLelland, Jim Cumming, Burgy, JD, Gary Gibbons, Peter Jurik, Boston Pizza, Home Hardware, Labatt’s, Taylor Made. Adidas, Coca Cola, OHS, Soupy, Woody, Stevie T, Acky, Hoss, Brent Philp, fellow JYD recipients and all of my patient partners.

All good things come to an end, but with your help, the tradition of this event supporting the South Okanagan beneficiaries can continue. Call Guy at the golf club.

And thanks for the memories.

John McKeachie, Penticton

History should be preserved, not changed

Dear Editor:

As an American citizen, today I will celebrating July 4, 1776. This is the birthday of the United States of America.

The United States Constitution was signed in 1787 by patriots, including John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin.

George Washington was a patriot and served as our first president. Two years later, in 1789, the first Congress approved the Bill of Rights. The 10 amendments therein protect the people against an all-powerful government. These two timeless documents have survived for well over 200 years and serve my country well.

I read some criticism of my country’s founders for having slaves. This is ludicrous. These critics do not seem to realize that they are attempting to apply 2020 standards to a system and a culture that existed a long, long, time ago.

Certainly, in the 21st century, we do not condone slavery. However, if not for our early patriots, we would not enjoy the freedoms that we have today.

Franklin was an early abolitionist. As the third President of the United States, Jefferson thought slavery should be ended. However, he realized that there were simply not enough votes in Congress to make this happen. It would have to wait. The constitution and the Bill of Rights provided the framework for change and equal rights for all people.

I read with great enthusiasm that the U.S. Attorney in Washington D.C., has identified and charged vandals who were bent on destruction and desecration of public property, to wit, statues of my nation’s founders.

The district attorney in Oklahoma City has done likewise.

President Donald Trump has accurately referred to these people as thugs. They are part of the “Antifa” group that does not care about the meaning of any legal protest.

They only create chaos and wanton destruction. (There are a lot of parallels to the Kristallnacht, Germany, 1938.) As Doug Rosen related in The Daily Courier on June 4, “Anti-Fascist Group Needs to be Wiped Out.” The “erase culture” group is wrong.

A study of my country’s history and its monuments can be a great teaching tool in classrooms. This makes a lot more sense than attempting to erase history. History must be preserved.

Bob Sherman, Kelowna

Dragging people by any body part not OK

Dear Editor:

While it’s best to get all relevant facts correct, does it really matter what body part Mona Wong was dragged down a hall by? If she was 80 years old, would dragging her by her feet be OK? If she was the prime minister’s daughter, would dragging her by her feet be OK? The only way dragging an unresponsive person down the hall by their feet is OK is if the building is on fire, and I don’t think it was.

Otherwise, most civilized people would expect medical assistance would be called in, so an unresponsive individual can be moved safely. Let’s not get distracted by an erroneous detail in the story.

S.I. Petersen, Nanaimo

Mountie should be removed

Dear Editor:

I would like to know if Premier John Horgan, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and top RCMP officials support the actions of Cpl. Lacy Browning during the recent recorded interaction during a “wellness check” in Kelowna?

Dragging a citizen, stepping on a citizen’s head, lifting a citizen’s head up by her hair — which of these actions display a competent person employed and representing the RCMP?

Why are you continuing to employ and pay Lacy Browning? How is this an issue for “ongoing investigation?”

Browning needs to be fired immediately, her actions need to be seen as the epitome of abuse by police and she needs to be criminally charged with assault.

This is why Canadians from coast to coast are fed up with abuse and murder of fellow Canadians at the hands of the RCMP and other Canadian police forces. This is why we, Canadian citizens, will no longer allow the Government of Canada, government officials, the RCMP and other police forces continue to act with impunity. We demand police reform, now.

Jeff Leggat, Duncan