Dear Editor:

If providing supportive and subsidized housing is critical, as Mayor Colin Basran recently commented, then the old RCMP detachment site on Doyle Avenue, already owned by the city, provides a perfect location with its proximity to amenities and Interior Health.

Call in BC Housing and just do it.

Basran and council will reject the suggestion and prefer to see a developer provide very profitable accommodation to a couple of hundred people who, from today’s count on have about 1,300 residences available for them in Kelowna.

They will reject the suggestion because a property close to the lake is too valuable for “those”’ people who need or simply desire modest accommodation.

Just as the last modestly priced vacation site by the lake will be developed because it is too valuable for “those” people.

Just as the beautiful mobile home development on Casorso will be developed, because that property, within a couple of blocks of the lake, is too valuable for “those” people.

The sad truth is that the fate of too many of us is in the hands of the developers’ team of Mayor Basran and most of council.

Don Henderson, Kelowna