Freedom doesn’t give you right to make others sick

Dear Editor:

As seniors with underlying health conditions, we have lost our freedom.

There are those in our society who claim that their freedom has been infringed upon due to being told to wear a mask.

“The government is not telling me what to do,” they say. Why would you think that caring for others is infringing on your “freedom”?

Are there no seniors in your family? No one with health conditions?

When I see people without a mask, not bothering to social distance and still partying, I think they must be selfish/narcissistic people.

Then there are those of you saying that when the vaccine is available, “no way am I getting it.” It will be too new.

Did you know that there needs to be a certain percentage of people vaccinated for our community to be “safe?”

Will we ever be safe to leave our homes?

The worst of all this is how we have been denied our family celebrations and our gatherings with friends.

We have four children and six grandchildren. They have always been great to gather with us on special occasions (all in B.C. but only one in our city).

Well, Easter was cancelled, then summertime visits, then Thanksgiving, now Christmas.

Christmas has always been a favourite for me! This year, I do not care to listen to Christmas songs and am dragging my heels about decorating.

Getting together with family and friends is what is the most important thing about these occasions.

We are social creatures. We need social interactions. Many of us need affection, caring and love. Most of us are missing hugs.

As long as we have selfish people in our community, I can’t help but wonder when we will be “free” again.

L. McGowan, Kelowna

Upside down flower a sign of death, not hope

Dear Editor:

The upside down flower slated for the front of the Interior Health building is only a conversation piece on how ugly it is.

I realize that art is in the eye of the beholder and I would question the taste of the decision makers.

It does not convey “hope and optimism’” as suggested. To me, an uprooted flower on its head says “dead” and pulled at its prime.

How can this represent doctors, nurses and other health-care practitioners working collaboratively to promote public health or “a way to bring flowers to the visitors, patients, and staff of the Kelowna Health Services Centre every day.” That’s a stretch.

Erika Podewils, Kelowna

Construction could be terrible for neighbours

Dear Editor:

I understand the pressures to accept new development and increased density in urban areas. The reality is that people want to move here and we don’t have the right to say no. But existing residents do have the right to control the type of new housing that they feel is appropriate, and we elect a mayor and council to do that. 

I was interested to see a development sign on the south side of Harvey Avenue between Ethel Street and Gordon Drive. The information was about a seven-storey tower that will be built as an extension to the existing Evangel Manor.

I thought the sign was very good with a picture of the proposed building and clear contact information. I was able to sign on to the Kelowna city website and see the planning report for this application.

I was surprised by the size and colour of the building and was interested in what Kelowna councillors would have to say.

On Nov. 17, I watched the council meeting and learned a little more about how our council operates. The public hearing and rezoning for this application had taken place in March; this meeting was about the form and character of the new building.

Coun. Charlie Hodge had concerns about the reduction in green space that will result. Coun. Gail Given wanted clarification of the colours that will be used. But it was Coun. Brad Sieben who impressed me with concerns about the size of the building and the challenges of the location.

This new building will significantly impact the apartment building to the west. Reduced parking was accepted because this project will add affordable three-bedroom apartments suitable for families. But the question of parking is particularly important as there will be no street parking anywhere close to the new building. Access to the construction site will be via a back lane which is used by the other multi-family buildings in this block.

During construction, there will be trades vehicles, concrete trucks and dump trucks — all using this back lane. The logistics of controlling this access will be significant.

Sieben was the only one who understood this. I hope this project is a success, but I also hope that neighbouring residents are not inconvenienced by the significant challenges of access.

Eric Hall, Kelowna

Snowbirds think stay at home not advice for them

Dear Editor:

Re: Tips for snowbirds during a pandemic, page A7, Nov. 19.

I can’t believe a recent letter to the editor about a person planning on heading south to the United States for the winter months because he is so, so tired of shovelling snow.

What part of “stay at home” doesn’t he understand? On second thought, why doesn’t he just immigrate to the States with the rest of the Trumpian fans here in B.C.? Too hot in the summer down there?

I would also like to ask the question, where did this American fan make his money? Here or in the States? He obviously wants to have his cake and eat it as well. Wonderful Canadian health care for nearly free, cheaper taxation on the money he made here, a much lower risk of catching COVID-19, vaccines soon to be available etc.,

Go, man, go. Don’t come back.

Frank Martens, Summerland

Trump not as poor a loser as Democrats

Dear Editor:

This is in regard to the letter published on Nov. 17 by Dave Clark Kelowna. “Selfish con man is a sore loser, too.”

Clark called U.S. President Donald Trump a con man and crook. Does Clark not remember the election of Trump in 2016. Trump won the vote but that didn’t stop the Democrats from bashing him over the next four years.

There was the Russian fiasco, the Ukraine call and the political farce of the impeachment. Instead of working with the Republican government for the people, the Democrats wasted millions of dollars and ruined many honest people’s lives as all these charges were proven to be without any foundation.

You may not have seen or heard about this because the media in the U.S. would not publish anything to credit Trump or anything negative about the Democrats. They have not acknowledged Trump for all the good things he has done.

Did you know that he was nominated for four different peace awards? Mr. Clark, have you even looked into the accomplishments of President Trump?

You may want to look it up at This is only as of September 2018. There is much more to be learned with research.

Trump is not a sore loser. He is doing what any president would do when there is unlawful counting of votes.

Trump had millions of people vote for him. It is his duty to find out the truth for the people of the United States.

Whether he stays as president or loses, the voting system has to be corrected. I have no stake in this game but I am tired of all the Trump bashing from ill-informed people.

Give credit where it is due. Let the courts sort this out.

Marie Sherman, Kelowna