What phrase do you think bears the most striking resemblance to being an oxymoron in your mind?

I’ve given this some thought over the years, and under careful examination, the most accurate one I’ve been able to come up with is the term ‘military intelligence.”

I remember when I was in college a while back, one of my professors showed our class a bar graph. The graph represented the amount in trillions of dollars that is spent worldwide on military funding each year.

Then he showed us a smaller graph that was about three quarters as big as the first one, which gave an estimate as to how many trillions of dollars it would take to provide, shelter, food, water and medicine for all the people around the world.

As opposed to investing in technology that serves only to kill one another, investing in the future of humanity seems to be a more practical endeavour.

I’ve been spurred to write this letter because I found out in the news that as many as 120 million people could be expected to die of starvation in the next year, due to the residual and harsh

realities of COVID-19.

I’ve heard of a few more compassionate and realistic strategies for the need of less nationalistic military funding, or even the need for such military at all.

One option is to allow for a more prominent and active role of the United Nations for providing a smaller ‘global’ military. if ever needed, such a military could resolve the conflict any trouble makers might cause.

That is as much funding as many of us would care for or expect to see in the modern and finite world that we live in presently.

As it stands, I was appalled a few years back when I happened to encounter a magazine that expounded on, glorified, and compared, the destructive capabilities of the armies of the United States and China.

I found it absurd that there are that many other people who would want to purchase such a magazine and evaluate such an ridiculous competition.

Such relationships are giving rise to an apparent and unfortunate sense of crude nationalism that has emerged recently in response to the challenges and stressors we are faced with on this planet.

As far as a more positive potential for humanity goes, I’ve also heard of the existence of what are known as “mercy ships.” These ships provide vital aid in the form of food and medicine from First World countries to assist in the health and well being of Third World countries.

I would love to see aircraft carriers and war ships converted to being of such service for our less fortunate brothers and sisters around the world.

Whatever our differences are, be they racial, sexual, cultural, religious, political or economic, they could and should be seen as being secondary to the need for us to band together now more than ever.

The fact is that we are all interconnected. What is neglected or harmed there actually has an effect on us here and so on and so forth.

We actually really rely on one another for our own continued survival and need to care for each other in a global sense as one family.

We need to do this just as we need to take care of the intricate, dynamic and threatened web of life that nature provides for us and is still able to sustain.

Jason Roberts, Kelowna