Dear Editor:

Allow me to take this opportunity to comment on the cry for help regarding “there’s nothing for this man’s kids to do.” (letter, Nov. 27, page A7):

I would like to mention that there are so many things to do and this involves making a big detour around the use of screen time. These unprecedented times provides ample opportunity to get closer to kids by doing things together. Checking out books in various categories at the public library is a great pastime.

It is a wonderful way to explore new topic matter and engage the family in open dialogue. What about the prospect of making arts and crafts together? Learn how to knit, crochet, paint.

Do puzzles together.  Go to the Dollar Store or Fabricland to stock up on materials. Design and create personalized Christmas cards. Listen to music together and talk about feelings and emotions that music expresses.   

Provide opportunity for kids to learn how to play an instrument such as the piano and join a creative piano-arts studio. One can even open the door for an intergenerational connection with music by learning as a family. Volunteer your services and check out the Kelowna Community Resources Centre.

Become pen pals with friends and make it a point to write a personalized letter on paper, not emails, and send via Canada Post. Make gifts for your friends. Bake cookies or get a recipe book and create a kitchen speciality.

Go outside into nature along the beach or in a forest and sketch or photograph beauty that you see. Create an album or portfolio of your captured creative expression. Explore the treasures in Nature and collect fallen evergreen boughs and pine cones to make wreaths for your place.  

Let imagination spark your creativity and open your mind to love and the feeling of gratitude. Count your blessings and appreciate the little things in life often that are free and simple. Your world will abound with possibilities. Enjoy the company and gift of being with your children. Best Wishes.

Claudia Kargl, West Kelowna


Dear Editor:

Re: There’s nothing for this man’s kids to do (letter by Jeff Frank, Nov. 27, page A7):

Geocaching — Turn any walk into a scavenger hunt and find a new adventure in every park. Get crafty and leave home-made treasures from rocks, etc. you find on the journey.

Archery — Buy a kids bow and DIY a layered cardboard target.

Kite flying — Let them pick out a kite online

Sock Wrestling — Lose both your socks and you’re eliminated, “everyone vs dad” inevitable.

Tabletop Games — Depends on age/personality, ask a local game shop for suggestions.

Jackbox TV — games anyone can join in on from a tablet/phone. I recommend “Drawful,” a finger painting version of charades.

Connon York, Kelowna


Dear Editor:

I write in response to Jeff Frank’s letter regarding his search for suggestions to entertain his kids.

He may do well to consider engaging his kids in astronomy. It’s educational and will get he and his kids outside together. They can do the initial learning online. They may have fun learning and searching for stars/constellations. Kids could challenge each other to find planets/constellations.

They could learn about navigation as well. 

Hope this helps. All the best. 

Chico Newell, Kelowna