Dear Editor:

In the July 14, edition, letter writer Zoltan Lawrence alleges the federal Conservatives prevented timely student volunteer placement.

Yes, that is an accomplishment as Mr. Lawrence himself declares since the Conservatives have fewer seats in Parliament than the governing Liberals.

What the Conservatives actually did in conjunction with the CBC is exposed the sweetheart deal between the Trudeau family and the charitable WE organization, which is partially funded by the Canadian taxpayer and has paid over $300,000 to at least three members of the Trudeau family. I guess charity really does begin at home.

As he has done so many times in the past, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he is sorry. Yeah right, he is sorry he got caught before he had the opportunity to hand a multi-million dollar contract to WE without the inconvenience of going through normal tendering procedure. No one should claim Trudeau is not smart; he may just be smarter than those who voted for him.

Fred B. Woodward, Kelowna