Mandatory mask policy needed

Dear Editor:

This is an open letter to demand that it is essential to proceed with a mandatory face mask policy in British Columbia.

It is past time to get on board with the rest of the world to adopt this policy that could save thousands of lives.

Not only is the scientific argument conclusive but the optics effect will be dynamic.

There is no further need to struggle with confusing arguments, pro or con.

So please get on with it, ASAP.

Face masks should be essential throughout B.C, including schools. The only exemptions should be for individuals with medical complications and preschool youngsters.

Respectfully submitted with anticipation of a positive response.

Dave Grundy, Kelowna

Stop listening to the 5% about COVID

Dear Editor:

Why is the government allowing 5-6% of the population to determine the state of our economy and the spread of COVID to everyone, in spite of medical specialists warning that if more aggressive measures are not taken, our health system will be overwhelmed.

The rules are simple and easy to follow and those who put their own interests, health, and our total economy at risk , need to be ticketed, fined, or do whatever is necessary to make them, if not to understand, make them stop the activity, that puts us all at risk

Chuck Liebrock, Kelowna

Selfish con man is sore loser, too

Dear Editor:

The reality is U.S. President Donald Trump was only in it for himself, his family, friends and Wall Street. His own quote was that everyone else are just “suckers and losers.”

He is nothing more than a con man and a crook. He will now be remembered as a sore loser. Nothing more needs to be said.

Dave Clark, Kelowna

Clubs need to pay fair share

Dear Editor:

It is wonderful to finally see the development of the new Cedar Creek Park. For tourism it is a must. For the community it is long overdue.

The reasons for the parks delay are irrelevant as we will now see a diamond in the rough hopefully become one of Kelowna’s finest jewels.

There is one issue that needs attention. The city has often used financing shortfalls as a reason to delay the development of the park and that is understandable.

However, the City of Kelowna entered into a land lease agreement with the Kelowna Paddle Club on March 2014. The agreement allows the club to lease the property (house and beach) for five years at $2,500 for the first two years then $1 per year for the next three years.

The agreement ended in 2019. The club has been using the 278-square-foot house and surrounding property for the amount of $1 per year since the agreement expired.

The city’s real estate department explained the $1-per-year amount as a lease extension as the park future was still not decided and may not be for a few more years.

A new lease has yet not been negotiated.

I would like to know why the city would allow the paddle club to continue to pay only a $1 per year for that valuable piece of property. After six years of low rent, the club should be financially healthy or it should close.

We can all agree that when something is free, there is no real urgency to become financially efficient.

There are other clubs and services that get help from our city. Most clubs provide their own buildings and betterments and are not on prime beachfront property. These clubs and services add to Kelowna’s community and so does the paddle club.

However, times have changed and the city must start managing its real-estate assets in a more business-like way.

The city’s real-estate department wages have increased, land values are sky high, and goods and services are more costly.

I do not think the taxpayer should carry all the financial burden when it comes to private businesses using public assets.

It is time the paddle club paid fair market value for rent and taxes and the revenue be earmarked to help pay for improvements to the new park.

Roberto Basso, Kelowna

Treat Mama Earth with more respect

Dear Editor:

Mama Earth here.

Need I remind you that I'm old as dirt? I knew you before you learned to walk on two legs. I knew you before you got all puffed up and started calling yourself "homo sapiens." I’ve been naturing and nurturing you for eons. Yes, we go back a long time, you and me, and without me, you wouldn't be.

I’m not trying to guilt you, but I do need to point out that I’ve pretty much been doing the giving, and you youngsters have been doing the taking. You “wise ones” have evolved into adolescence, so Mama wants to lay out a few house rules, if you want to continue to live under my roof:

If you make a mess, clean it up. I’m not only talking oil spills and plastic pollution, but that’s a good place to start.

If you take something that doesn’t belong to you, give it back. Crib note: None of it belongs to you.

Share. Mama gives and Mama can take away, so don’t get all hoity-toity, acting like you own the joint.

Respect the other tenants. Some of them have two legs like you, some have four, some slither, some fly, some have bark and leaves. They’re all tenants in my house. If they're alive, they're on the lease.

Check the length of your lease. It expires at your death and passes to the tenants who will come after you. Mama expects your common home to be move-in ready for generations to come.

Now, you youngsters know I love you. I don’t have to remind you that I had a long gestation and a difficult labour to birth you. I wouldn’t have gone through all that if I didn't love you beyond your comprehension. What you owe me can never be repaid, but, lucky for you, I’m only expecting you to pay it forward as best you can. Take care of your common home, be kind to all breathers, repair the damages to the home you're renting.

You know, I hate to have to be a tough mama and chew you out, so how about you do the necessary course corrections so that you and Mama Earth can live in harmony? Will you do that for Mama?

Pam Kemp, Kelowna