Dear Editor:

Why is the Conservative Party fixated on Americanizing Canada? We are, after all, Canadian, and some of us are proud of it.

They use the Republican code words: “dumb leftists,” “cancel culture” and “woke crowd.”

Our “Northern Republicans,” even while soaking up the manna of Canada, long to be “elevated” to the language of their perception of “the big boys.” It hasn’t quite been eased into the ordinary Conservative MP’s script, yet,

The puppeteers have an inkling that we Canadians might not be willing to overlook this blatant imitation of Republican propagandists south of the border.

Non-conservatives are derided as lacking “clarity, certainty, and competence,” (said repetitiously and scornfully), of those who have become sensitive to the issues, reflecting the pain of their fellow man.

The Liberal creed has been, if not solidly, “I am my brother’s keeper,” then at least the logical recognition that to ignore the needs of the general populace is to bring about the economic ruin of the country.

In contrast , Conservative policy is unwaveringly, “I’m alright Jack, pull up the ladder.”

Zoltan Lawrence, Kelowna