Province needs to overhaul its justice system

Two recent news articles are excellent examples of how our justice system is failing to keep our people safe.

A recent murder victim had a history of committing violent offences, but received very light sentences.

One of B.C.’s major concerns is the number of people dying from drug overdoses; yet, our justice system treats the drug dealers with kid gloves. For example, the RCMP in Kamloops conducted a series of operations that resulted in the seizure of four kilos of cocaine, two kilos of methamphetamine and a “significant” amount of cash.

This was a big win for the RCMP, but all of the perps were released and are free to go about their deadly business.

The public may never hear about the disposition of these cases.

It is long past the time to bring some common sense into play.

B.C.’s Attorney General and the Judiciary are duty-bound to protect and secure the law abiding citizens of this province.

We all should be outraged at the current state of our justice system!

Barry D. Cochrane, Kelowna

Your e-car isn’t as green as you think it is

Dear editor:

Our dear Chrystia Freeland and all her “green” ideas, may they all come to blossom on her own money, not mine.

Many “green dreamers” talk up a storm about electric vehicles, but few actually buy one; I don’t see a herd of them on the roads.

Chrystia also wants Canadians to get used to no coal, oil or gas. Where does she live, on a tropical island? Chrystia must learn that she cannot fly here and there on “green” dreams. What keeps the House of Commons warm while she is smiling for the cameras?

This would be natural gas from the vast reserves of BC and Alberta.

How is the lithium harvested for the electric vehicles? With diesel-powered equipment made of steel by firing coal, and the rubber tires are from oil as well.

How are electric vehicles manufactured? With steel, aluminum, plastic, etc., all made with “green” ideas—right Chrystia?

Of course, talking “green” will get her some votes, so she will spew out the lingo.

We pollute much too much, that should be the item that the green dreamers should be interested in.

Do the greens have a plan to recycle the batteries from all the old electric vehicles?

No they do not. Today, we crush our old vehicles and ship them to the steel mills in China because there, anything goes. Only 9% of our plastics are actually “re-used;” the rest is resting in the landfill. Let greens work on problems that we can solve by our own actions—use less and think before purchasing—the end results are what counts, not how green you look in a Tesla.

Jorgen Hansen, Kelowna

Don’t defund Canadian police as radicals want

Dear editor:

We witness daily gatherings of mindless uninformed people in many American cities who call for defunding and dismantling the police.

A week or so ago, protesters in Montreal demanded defunding of the police (a so-called peaceful march).

That wasn’t enough. Their next step was to topple a statue of Sir John A. Macdonald to show their supposed indignation.

Every sane person knows that defunding the police will lead to a disregard for law and order, hence, chaos, violence and anarchy.

Thugs and criminals want to defund the police to create havoc and fear so they can rule and control with impunity.

U.S. reports (depending on where they come from) indicate that 400 to 1,700 police officers have been injured and upwards of 36 killed in the U.S. while dealing with these peaceful protests that always escalate to violence.

Democrat city mayors deliberately lied about marches to defund the police being peaceful. Most U.S. media has supported this false narrative, but truth is starting to surface as some mayors now acknowledge the danger to police and citizens.

The thugs are doing what they are hired to do – claim peaceful protests and then escalate them to topple historic statues (destroy the country’s history), riot and steal, cause fear while they cry out “defund the police” – and undermine democracy.

Chicago, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, New York, Baltimore, Portland and a host of other cities have been the recipients of these tactics because their Democratic mayors and governors have allowed unchecked rampaging.

Hundreds of good police have resigned; innocent people have died.

Thousands of citizens have moved from lawless, unprotected cities. For example, it is reported New York had 1 million of its more than 8 million citizens move away.

Peaceful protests did that?

Protest leaders attempt to destroy historical monuments, berate our founders and history, destroy religious freedom, berate family values and remove law and order.

Theirs is a Marxist agenda; they are enemies to Canada and the U.S.

Wisdom has been found detrimental to the nervous system of those who want to defund the police.

They are barren, sterile and poverty stricken in brain matter as they, like sheep, accept their pay master’s wages. Their intellect must be equated to the same level as the dull and thick-headed. Socialist lemmings that want to defund the police should not be free to destroy our country. Patriotic Canadians must stand and not allow it to happen!

Garry Rayner, West Kelowna