Let qualified people review PPE contracts

Dear Editor:

I must record my grave concern over the Conservatives and the NDP supporting a motion that requires provision of a vast amount of information about contracts for personal protective equipment to a parliamentary committee by Nov. 30 — an unrealistically short time frame.

To be clear, I do not object to the idea of an objective review of contracting processes. I am sure there are lessons to be learned and the public needs to know. Regrettably, I do not believe that the interests of the country will be served by the likes of Michelle Rempel, Pierre Poilievre, Erin O’Toole and Jagmeet Singh using the opportunity as a chance to selectively fish for material that they can spin as “dirt” over a period of time and spin it in a way that suits their short-term political objectives.

I speak from experience having worked in foreign countries for one of the largest international audit firms in the world and then as the chief internal auditor for some large divisions of a major international oil company.

What we need is hard findings of facts methodically gathered, verified, analyzed, and objectively reported upon by experienced professionals using a disciplined approach, which respects the need for commercial confidentiality.

These reviews take time but if done correctly can provide useful information.

Personally, I do not trust a bunch of MPs (many of whom, sadly, are not too concerned about the truth and are obsessed with making political capital during a pandemic ) to do this.

Most of them do not have the skills and they certainly do not have the objectivity.

As such this review, which needs to be done, should be done by the Auditor General and his team who know how to go about this sort of exercise in an effective and efficient manner and report objectively.

We also need to recognize that the approach adopted by the Conservatives and NDP is likely to cause major disruption to the civil service and ministers at a time when they should be focused on delivering what needs to be done to mitigate, in the most effective and efficient way, the risks introduced by the pandemic.

It is sad and disappointing that the Conservatives, the Bloc and NDP have chosen to use the pandemic to try and gain some short-term political advantage.

John Bailey, Kelowna

Lighthouse would boost light pollution

Dear Editor:

Re: the proposed lighthouse at a new West Kelowna winery:

One of the most appreciated attractions of the Okanagan is the natural beauty of it, both day and night. We celebrate images of the full moon reflecting on the lake and have areas of dark sky that reveal ancient celestial wonders to tourists who come here to escape city lights.

We also are fortunate enough to have an observatory attracting hundreds every year. People young and old alike are encouraged to look up to see the timeless wonders of our solar system and on a good night, the Milky Way.

We, in the Okanagan, have the ability to share a far richer experience than an obnoxious flood light overpowering our little piece of paradise.

Light pollution is already robbing us of our inherent right to darkness and is manifested in our ever-increasing consumption of sleep aids.

Please oppose this obscene proposal of a giant lighthouse and encourage instead, an observation tower where people can sip wine by starlight.

Patricia Reid, West Kelowna

Husband is essential to wife’s recovery

Dear Editor:

Re: Hospital bars husband from visiting his wife (Oct. 29):

Reading Doyle Bray describe being barred from caring for his wife at the hospital brought me to tears. I had a similar experience with my partner during this pandemic. However my partner isn’t elderly, and instead struggles with a neurological condition.

Unfortunately, myself, Bray and others, are the singular entities preventing our respective loved ones from falling through the cracks or suffering life-altering negative consequences.

Connon York, Kelowna