Local MP is awfully quiet

Dear Editor:

It’s weird that the NDP continue to support Justin Trudeau and pretend they don’t.

Why is our Member of Parliament so silent?

We all know Justin Trudeau wore blackface and that if anyone else had been found guilty of multiple ethics violations like trying to stop a criminal prosecution, they’d immediately have to resign.

If a $400 billion deficit in 2020 coupled with a $1.2 trillion debt doesn’t raise fire alarm bells then something is wrong.

It’s amazing the NDP as a whole hasn’t called him out.

Charlie Angus has been reported to, but Richard Cannings is quieter than crickets.

And, if an election is called what would a Trudeau majority give him (and the NDP) that he doesn’t already have? Why doesn’t the NDP want him to expose how broke we are? Why aren’t they demanding a budget with a debt-reduction plan?

Is it because the NDP want to just get everyone permanently on CERB or something like it? So no one has to work? Is it that they want to groom a generation based on equality of entitlement rather than equal opportunity?

Wayne Llewellyn, Penticton

Go greener with tax cuts

Dear Editor:

Last summer, the Liberals declared Canada had a climate emergency and then approved the Trans-Mountain Pipeline.

The COVID-19 pandemic pushed climate to the back burner. Greta Thunberg’s handlers even announced she might have COVID.

Now, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wants to re-boot the economy and fix the climate with his expensive “Build Back Better” scheme.

Trudeau may follow Thunberg to the margins as people cope with more pressing problems. It’s tough to get people excited about throwing money at climate when they’re pre-occupied with keeping the wolf from the door.

Thunberg is a one-trick pony who still has a chance of being de-programmed, but it’s too late for Trudeau and his acolytes.

We need to be more pragmatic, and less ideological, about climate change and its causes. Human influenced climate change is a symptom of a bigger problem; rampaging population growth and the pillaging of the environment for resources for more people. Global population has jumped from four billion in 1975 to nearly eight billion today.

We perform 100,000 abortions annually, but have an annual intake of 300,000 immigrants, so we’re not helping the overall numbers. Federal health officer Dr. Theresa Tam wants people to wear masks and avoid kissing in intimate circumstances. That may not limit COVID, but it should suppress the birthrate.

Canada produces 1.6% of global carbon emissions, so whatever we do isn’t much. If Trudeau wants to help, he should put the heat to the big offenders; China, India, the U.S. and Russia. Climate-theme socks might command their attention.

B.C. residents, except for First Nations and other exempted users, have been paying carbon taxes for 12 years, but carbon emissions have increased over this period. Clearly, we still haven’t been taxed into submission.

Ninety-one per cent of B.C.’s electricity is generated by renewable hydro, which begs the question of why we’re playing with solar and wind power; except for ideological and political gratification.

The Site C Dam will generate massive increases in hydroelectric power which can propel all the electric cars the NDP/Greens have made mandatory by 2040.

We’re further ahead with a post-COVID recovery plan that energizes the private sector in every possible way instead of boosting activities favored by government ideology. Meaningful tax cuts for all businesses are more effective than government spending on a chosen few.

John Thompson, Kaleden

Election puts health at risk

Dear Editor:

It will be extremely ironic and hypocritical if Premier John Horgan and his NDP call for a snap election this fall.

He knows his poll numbers for the handling of the COVID-19 pandemic are high, but should he decide to use that for political advantage, it will have him sinking to the lows that we see with the current political leader of our neighbour to the south.

At a time when our provincial COVID-19 infection numbers are going the wrong way and are at new highs, our health minister along with Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry have rolled back some of the business openings and recently announced new restrictions while they keep pounding the message to keep our circles small, wear masks and stay away from crowds. It is unthinkable and irresponsible to call for an election.

Has Horgan not noticed that the vast majority of those who volunteer to work the election polling stations are seniors who are the most vulnerable to become infected and die from COVID-19?

These volunteers have to be hired and trained in classrooms to prepare for election-day crowds and all of this is to happen as we enter the common flu season, which most health professionals are concerned will make dealing with the coronavirus more difficult and deadly.

Mr. Horgan, up to now you have handled the pandemic well, so why do you now after eight months, contemplate deliberately having an event that will create crowds, putting additional British Columbian lives at risk?

If gambling with your constituents lives seems like an acceptable risk to you just so you can have a bit more power, then you will call for a fall election.

Large crowds associated with an election goes against everything you, your own health minister and head provincial doctor have been preaching for many months. Should you do so, I hope that the voters treat you with the same disdain that your recklessly calling for an election now does for them.

Guy Bissonnette, Lake Country

CO2 not all man made

Dear Editor:

Kudos to Alan Nichols for his outstanding letter, (Green Energy is Killing Canada), published in the Sept. 16 edition of The Daily Courier and, thanks to the Courier editors for publishing a letter that flies in the face of the monotonous, misguided, guilt-inducing propaganda that we are exposed to on a daily basis.

It is not possible to improve on Nichols’ thesis that throwing Canada’s economy under the train will not have any meaningful impact on global climate change and will not induce the major emitters (U.S., China, India) to change their economic strategies.

At the risk of distracting attention from this fundamental truth, I would like to add one additional point to his “wake-up” message.

Global human emissions of carbon dioxide are only a small percentage of the total carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere. Eliminate human emissions entirely and growth in the atmospheric burden will likely continue.

The primary sources of carbon dioxide emissions are thousands of volcanoes on land and hundreds of thousands of hot deep-sea vents.

Volcanic hot spots are found all over the planet. A single major eruption in these hot spots can release more carbon dioxide than the annual total of human emissions. Also, all the known land volcanos continue to emit carbon dioxide even after the release of lava, steam and ash has subsided.

Too little is known of our ocean depths; however, hot vents that continuously emit carbon dioxide are found in every trench where we have explored the ocean depths. All of this activity is spurred by movement of tectonic plates deep in the Earth’s crust. There is nothing we can do about it.

We need to shift our strategy to adaptation.

William Taylor, Kelowna

Rules of road not followed

Dear Editor:

Why do we make rules and laws? We make rules and laws to keep peace and prevent anarchy. We do this at no small expense.

We have speed limits that most people are pretty good about obeying, but other traffic laws in Kelowna seem to be ignored.

A left turn on Cooper between Harvey and Enterprise was the subject of many discussions at council, which decided to put up a sign and paint it on the street.

Approximately a month after it was put up, a city councillor was trying to make a left turn there.

As well since then, many other privileged few do the same.

There are several intersections where right turns are now prohibited on red lights.

These signs are for the weak of mind who want to obey the law. And again there are a privileged few who totally ignore the law.

There is also a sign which is a black stop sign with a red circle around it and a line through it; it is a no stopping zone.

When I asked people parked in these areas if they know what the sign was; they told me “yes, but it’s OK; I’m only waiting for my children; they should only be another five or 10 minutes.”

We also have a little known bylaw that states it’s unlawful for people to panhandle in middle-of-the-road medians.

I have seen cars, trucks, motorcycles and even a police officer give money to these people

We have an HOV (high occupancy vehicle) lane that the police have clearly stated they cannot enforce.

Please do not get me wrong; I am no angel. I have had my share of tickets over 35 years of being a professional driver.

I have to say that Kelowna has to have the worst drivers I have ever seen across Canada.

When you display your dislike for an illegal act by using your horn a lot will tell you, “you are No. 1” or ignore you because they have heard the horn so often and just don’t care, because, they are the privileged few.

This is only one man’s opinion that works and drives professionally every day.

Victor Hakanson, Lake Country