Protesting mob doesn’t have the answers

Dear Editor:

I told her what I wanted for Father’s Day. She handed me the Hugo Boss brown shirt and declared we must march with the orthodox slogans.

I appreciate our good health and comfortable lifestyle and want to live a peaceful life of gratitude. Once more she rants that American capitalism has lost its moral justification.

Our progressive intellectual leaders decree we must disrupt the social order to bring about reformed utopian socialism. There can be no peace without economic equality, social justice, environmental justice and a good cleansing by the irrational vicious mob.

Where do I come into all of this? How can I identify with a victim group competing for sympathy, compensation and power?

Then, my good brothers, it came. There was me, making the glorious socially progressive fist pump.

What an incredible experience —to join this mass of humanity, mindless crazed destruction — the herd surging forward like an arbitrary malicious tornado. We are the vandals of Rome. We burn witches. We brand communists for McCarthy. We delight in the frenzy of our helter skelter, arson, crime, mutual assured destruction, Y2K and climate catastrophe! The mob will silence all opposition, revise history and spread fear. All who resist go to the re-education camps!

Well, my brothers, everything’s a lesson, isn’t it? History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce.

The mob offers no solutions, just the exhilaration of frenzied groupthink. The mob exists to eliminate everything that opposes it.

Bobbe Wemock, Kelowna

Grad matters, public health matters more

Dear Editor:

It’s truly shocking and very upsetting to see a large group of grad students and their parents gather at Kelowna’s Waterfront Park — thereby flaunting health rules prohibiting gatherings of 50 people and over. In communication with the school principal, he verified this was an “unsanctioned event.” In addition, city staff confirmed the group also did not have proper “city permits” — so it appears that organizers broke two laws!

Organizers owe the community and all of B.C. apologies and compensation from these law-breakers.

According to BC Health, fines of up to $250,000 can also be given for COVID law-breakers. Maybe the organizers should donate to a charity because of their “bad behaviour!”

Thousands of B.C. residents and businesses have suffered, isolated, sacrificed and even died — so to see this type of careless COVID insensitivity is unacceptable — just for a few hours of fancy fun and photo ops.

My husband and I considered a Kelowna summer staycation, but now will cancel our plans and watch the COVID stats for the Interior.

B. Yaworski, D. Reynolds, Delta

Never mind the pandemic, we need a party

Dear Editor:

After driving to Vancouver for a business meeting, I was alarmed to see that all drivers heading into town this afternoon were slowing down to stare at the eight to 10 boats tied to each other for a let’s frolic together during the COVID-19 pandemic event.

I am sure for the hours they were there no police noticed and thankfully I was not rear ended by the car behind me by the driver who was also dumbfounded by the jerks on the boats.

Way to go Kelowna, Let’s invite all of B.C. to party in our city.

Did anyone notice that our infection rate recently is back to where it was a month ago — just Like the U.S.,

Sure, Bonny Henry is a hero but, we are trending to the same rate of infections we had at the start of the pandemic.

It’s summer. Party on. More infections, more businesses closing, more hospitals over filled. Great plan.

Kevin Halchuk, Kelowna

No masks to be seen at the local hospital

Dear Editor:

I have been to Kelowna General Hospital twice in the past few weeks. The last time Thursday June 25. The impression I get at the hospital is that COVID-19 is no longer a threat. Other than the screeners and those performing procedures, there are virtually no masks and little distancing.

In the lobby there was not one patient/visitor other than me wearing a face covering. Hospital staff were walking in close proximity to each other and again no masks.

The message that gives is why would anyone wear face coverings if the hospital sets that example.

Very disappointing.

Gord Marshall, Kelowna

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