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Not your typical farming

Now that Kelowna has reversed its position on where to allow the growing of medical marijuana, don't expect to see lush fields of green popping up all around the city.

Market move makes sense

From an urbanite's perspective, the firm rejection by farmers' market vendors to a proposed move to downtown Kelowna is hard to understand.

Was Afghan mission worth it?

Now that our soldiers are safely back on Canadian soil, critics will inevitably ask whether their mission in Afghanistan was worth it.

Not a drop to waste

It was a long time coming, but B.C.'s new Water Sustainability Act takes some big steps toward protecting our province's most vital resource.

Redford was out of touch

Alison Redford just didn't get it.

Gray leaves big shoes to fill

Walter Gray made official this week what many had suspected for a long time. He will not be seeking another term as mayor of Kelowna.

Be careful out there

Every year, people die in the mountains of British Columbia and Alberta.

Room for improvement

Success can be a double-edged sword.

Patronage went too far

Premier Christy Clark acted quickly, decisively and correctly on Wednesday when she quashed a

Liquor plan needs work

It's a good thing the B.C. government admitted last week its plan to allow beer and wine sales grocery stores isn't final.

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