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Arts help bottom line

There is no denying that the arts are an important part of any community.

A four-year commitment

When you go to the polls this fall to elect a new mayor and council, give a little extra thought before marking your ballot.

More to it than T-shirts

In a week focused on combatting bullying, it's frightening to note an altercation at a Vancouver MLA's office on Monday.

Do it for Fido's sake

It always seems those least likely to follow the rules are most likely to complain about them.

Great effort at Games

Accolades surrounding Canada's success at the Sochi Olympics aside, once again the Winter Games have shown how important sport can be in promoting what's right with humanity.

ALR not meant for pot

Kelowna's ample fields of green won't go to pot. And that's a good thing.

Call a cab or stay home

A couple of recent developments cast a worrying shadow over the roles that police, courts and our provincial insurer have in keeping our streets safe.

Way to go, Kelsey!

Olympic excitement hit home for many Okanagan residents Friday morning, when they learned that Kelowna skier Kelsey Serwa had won silver in women's skicross.

Let's hear it for small biz

As Chamber of Commerce Week draws to a close, it's worth taking stock of the impact small business has on the Okanagan economy.

Negative-option governance

There's no denying the Kelowna RCMP is in need of a new building.

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