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Sensible art on its way

Some of the public art pieces scattered around Kelowna can be real head-scratchers in terms of their meaning and significance.

Tax-break plan not a winner

Despite protests from caucus colleagues, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty has likely ended Tory plans to introduce income splitting after the next budget.

Water threat warrants action

Roadblocks, inspection stations, delays to traffic - all to deal with the threat of a possible mussel invasion in local lakes?

Don't believe any of them

It's tough to believe anyone in the never-ending battle over B.C.'s classrooms. Either our education system is horribly underfunded and under-staffed or the province is spending more than it ever has at a time when there are fewer students to teach.

An indelible impact on music

"Ladies and gentleman... The Beatles."

Go, Canada, go!

Despite everything that's gone wrong with the Sochi Olympics, let's not forget there is plenty to celebrate.

Adding insult to injury

What's more criminal: stealing from Canadian taxpayers, or continuing to flip the bird to voters while collecting a government pension from behind bars?

Open your eyes to crime

Two of of six men accused in the violent death of Dain Phillips received 15-year sentences on Wednesday.

Dedicated to the end

The North Okanagan remembered one of its most dedicated politicians on Monday.

Are ex-pats less Canadian?

Are some citizens more Canadian than others?

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