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Community more than a name

For a guy who passed through the area in little more than a heartbeat a century ago, John Rutland left quite a mark on this year.

Deplorable intrusion of privacy

The revelation that ordinary Canadians are being spied on in our airports raises all kinds of red flags about personal privacy and to what lengths governments will go in the name of national security.

Real change at last?

With all the negative publicity Canada's Senate has received over the past year, lord knows something had to be done to kickstart serious change in the nation's upper chamber of government.

Why should veterans have to beg?

Every Remembrance Day, we watch as Prime Minister Stephen Harper praises the efforts of Canadian veterans and lays a wreath at the national cenotaph.

Tough choices ahead

While it was a pretty obvious decision that the provincial government bargained in bad faith with teachers when it tore up their contract and imposed legislation on class size and composition, the B.C. Supreme Court ruling does nothing to help deeply divided parties move forward.

Nickel and diming us to death

In the grand scheme of things, 75 cents isn't much.

Make a dream come true

Wednesday marks the 20th annual Wendy's Dreamlift Day in the Southern Interior.

Here's lookin' at you

Kelowna RCMP Supt. Nick Romanchuk was preaching to the converted last week when he encouraged the community to embrace public security cameras.

New pot rules already a failure

Not that we enjoy saying we told you so, but now even one of our federal politicians is admitting that changes to the management of Canada's medical marijuana system will do little if anything to curb the underground trade in B.C. Bud.

Bieber needs tough love

Once upon a time, Canadians were cheering Justin Bieber.

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