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Liquor rules evolving

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You wanted it; you got it.
The provincial government's foray into public opinion on B.C.'s liquor laws resulted in an unprecedented landslide of feedback. So much so, Premier Christy Clark said Wednesday it was the most comment the government has ever received.
What did you want? In a word, convenience.
Clark delivered the first of her policy changes during a press conference at West Kelowna's Volcanic Hills Winery.
The smartest is allowing local craft breweries and distillers to sell their wares at farmers markets.
Next season, you'll be able to pick up your organic greens, a fresh loaf of bread and a six-pack of suds to wash it down.
With the abundance of wineries all around us here in the Okanagan, it's unlikely they'll stray from their upscale marketing to man a booth at the market, but the rule change could encourage new local microbrewers to pop up.
The big question is whether supermarket sales of alcohol will soon follow. Clark suggested that could be so by spring, but there is still significant resistance from beer and wine store owners to overcome.
Their argument about the dangers of increased access is completely self-serving, but they do have a point about the government's business commitment to them when the market was first opened up.
Strangely, wineries will now also be able sell any kind of booze they like - but wouldn't it defeat the purpose for them to be selling competitors' products? Still, the changes so far are worth raising a toast to.
- Managing Editor
Jon Manchester

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