Stand up for the Rail Trail

Brittney Page, left, and Kristin Postill helped raise $19,000 for the Okanagan Rail Trail in 2017. They plan to do the same for KidSport on July 20.

Kristin Postill and Brittney Page are planning to paddle the length of Kalamalka Lake on July 20 to raise $25,000 for KidSport

Both are former high-level athletes who want to ensure all children have the chances they did.

KidSport's mission is to ensure all children have a chance to play organized sports regardless of their economic realities.

“KidSport believes no child should be left on the sidelines and we couldn’t agree more,” Page said. “Sport was an invaluable part of both my and Kristin’s development that propelled us into very successful careers, and I can 100% say both she and I wouldn’t be where we are today without participating in sport as kids.”

Page played professional volleyball and was a member of Team Canada women’s team. Postill spent years as a professional equestrian show jumper and now works as an advertising professional in New York City.

They first met on their elementary school basketball team.

At roughly 16 kilometres, the paddle will start at Kaloya Regional Park in Oyama and end at Kal Beach in Coldstream.

“You learn so many fundamental skills in organized sport like, discipline, routine, work ethic, teamwork and most importantly, that failure and losing is all a part of the game.” Postill said. “The grit to never give up is a skill that sport teaches you at a young age and is something both of us have carried through into our professional careers and lives.”

This isn't the first time the've paddled Kal Lake.

In 2017, they raised over $19,000 with 12 paddlers for the Okanagan Rail Trail.

To support their cause, or paddle alongside them, see or ​ (on your mobile device).

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