Big White Bronze Podium

Soren Farenholtz, Liam Wallace, and Liam Baylis celebrate on the podium at Big White on Thursday.

After a night of heavy rain, the weather held out for the opening of Freeride Days at Big White Ski Resort on Thursday.

Freeride Days officially kicked off as bronze-level mountain-bike riders from across North America descended on Big White to try to win their chance at qualifying for the FMB gold event on Saturday.

With this much on the line, the riders didn’t hold back in the ultra competaitve bronze slopestyle finals.

Jackson Goldstone, 14, couldn’t contain his excitement for the course as he managed to flip and whip his way into sixth place in Thursday’s event, leaving him as the first alternate in the gold event on Saturday.

“It’s pretty amazing,” Goldstone said. “They (Loft Bike Parks) took a massive slopestyle course and shrunk it down so we can ride it. It’s super fun and built really well and I can’t wait to ride it.”

The format allows riders two runs to get their best score, meaning they can afford to crash, or take a safe run.

This didn’t seem to be taken up by any riders as the tricks came flying fast and furious, especially for Liam Baylis.

The 16 year old used spin and flip combos to get him a bronze medal in the bronze event.

Kamloops rider Soren Farenholtz’s calm and collected style understated the complexity of his tricks. He used opposing tricks to land him in second place in the bronze finals.

Liam Wallace was the winner of the day as he looked ready to take on the gold course with his big tricks and overall composure.

With no other events planned, day one was all about the bronze final.

The women’s slopestyle is today at 1 p.m.