New coach

Jamie Boreham is the new head coach of the Okanagan Sun.

There are few worse ways to introduce yourself to the new coach in town than to completely miss him by a week. Well, at least it was an honest mistake.

While browsing Twitter one day (it seems to me that all big mistakes in life start that way), I noticed a tweet from the Okanagan Sun football team about its three-day mini-camp.

Great, I thought, here’s my chance to meet Jamie Boreham, snap some photos and generally make nice.

For whatever reason, I decided to call him before driving down to the Apple Bowl. It was the only smart thing I did that night.

Other than sounding like he was surrounded by children (those could be football players chattering away in the background, right?), it was all going swimmingly.

He either ignored, or brushed aside, my softball question about “being excited about camp” as we chatted about returning players and new recruits.

By the way, about 90 players showed up to mini-camp, half of them new. Boreham expects to keep between 60 and 65 players for opening day (Aug. 3 at home vs. the Kamloops Broncos).

Given that he’s a rookie head coach brining in some new staff all under a new general manager (Lawrence Nagy), Boreham admitted there was much to accomplish early.

“It’s a lot of learning time for coaches,” he said, “and it’s a lot of learning time for players.”

It was about then I started to get a bit nervous. There was something odd about the way I said, “when camp begins” and he’d answer like it had already happened.

Yes, odd.

It was tough to ignore much longer, so I came clean.

“Oh, you mean last weekend’s camp?” Boreham said.

Yes, last weekend.

You see, there were no dates that I could find on that mythical Sun tweet talking about camp on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Because Twitter is supposed to be all “now, now, now!” I just assumed it was in reference to something happening “now, now, now!”

But that doesn’t take into account re-tweets, shares, comments and “likes” that likely knocked the time reference out of whack.

My gaff had me so flustered that I ignored the interview—conducted weeks ago—until now. Why would I write about something that was already old news?

Plus, I was embarrassed.

That’s when it hit me: embarrassing moments are when I’m at my best—on paper, at least. Nothing says “column” like messing up and sharing it with the world.

Here you are, world.

Boreham is too much of a pro to have cared. He probably heard way stranger questions while winning a Grey Cup with the Saskatchewan Roughriders in 2007.

A veteran of eight CFL seasons, the 41-year-old Vancouver native is also a high school teacher. If anyone understands when someone completely misses the point and submits an assignment a week late, it’s a teacher.

In all, it seems the Sun are in good hands with Boreham, who was with the club in previous years as special teams coordinator.

He seems to have boundless energy and years of experience along with championship pedigree.

“I couldn’t wait to get to spring camp,” he said.

Me? I could.

A week, in fact.

Dave Trifunov is a journalist with The Daily Courier. Email or call 250-470-0753.

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