Call him "Oak"

Isaac Oakley MacLeod.will join the West Kelowna Warriors in the fall.

The West Kelowna Warriors have signed another U.S. high school star for the 2020-21 BC Hockey League season.

Forward Isaac Oakley MacLeod, a Caledonia, Ont., native, tallied 39 goals and 26 assists in only 35 games with New Hampton School in New Hampshire.

“We are very excited for Isaac to join the Warriors family,” said Warriors Head Coach Simon Ferguson. “Isaac brings a strong hockey IQ and contains the natural ability and skill set to put the puck in the net.”

The 5’10”, 185 pound forward had plenty of options on where to play next year, but decided to commit to the Warriors.

“I wanted to choose a place where they want to win,” said MacLeod. “With the history of the organization and the amount of talent staying or being brought in is a great sign for success next year.”

MacLeod goes by his middle name Oakley, or Oak for short.

He told the Warriors he’s excited to continue his junior hockey career with his New Hampton line mate Marcus Joughlin. “Joughin and I have a chemistry I haven’t had with another player,” said MacLeod. “We could truly play in the dark and know where each other were on the ice at all times. Another year beside Marcus is something I’m really looking forward to and can’t wait to get back on the ice with him.”

The Warriors have signed several U.S. high school players recently, including Connor Joyce from Dedham, Mass., Pat Lawn from Waltham, Mass., and Jack Cronin, from Hamilton, Mass.