Kelowna Speedskating Club

Lachlan Ockelton recorded four personal-best times at the Interior finale speedskating competition last weekend in Vernon.

The Kelowna Speed Skating Club sent their largest contingent ever to the Interior finale speedskating competition last weekend in Vernon. 

Twenty-three skaters laced up and set over 70 new personal best times. For many skaters, this was their first out-of-town event.

Leading the way with four best times were Liam Almeida, Henry Eason, Kennedy Mutch, Austan Kramer, Lachlan Ockelton, Xander Haaheim, Liam Nugent, Thijs Grootjes, Samantha Cawley and Justin Hanley. 

Skaters setting three personal best times were: Talia Halperin, Noah Rubuliak, Cai Collingwood, Davina Grootjes, Maximus Haaheim and Findlay Ockelton. 

Skaters with two personal best times were: Addison Hank, Erik Haaheim, Caitlyn Collingwood, Mackenzie Adams, Calla Haaheim while Joseph Couillard set one new personal best.

This was a tune-up for the B.C. Short Track Championships happening now in Prince George. 

Skaters have earned their berth by making the qualifying times set by the association.

Joseph Couillard and Cai Collingwood will be making their first trip to provincials joined by veteran skaters Caitlyn Collingwood, Talia Halperin, Findlay Ockelton, Calla and Erik Haaheim, Noah Rubuliak and MacKenzie Adams. 

Skaters finishing in the top four are eligible for a berth at the Can West skate for the 11-14-year-old age divisions later this month.

Anyone still wishing to try speedskating in March can email

Try-it sessions are open on Monday and Wednesdays until March 11 from 5:45-6:30 and 6-6:45 p.m., respectively.

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