Triathletes raced to their keyboards in droves this week to sign up for next year’s Subaru Ironman Canada in Penticton.

“We sold out in just under 24 hours,” Ironman regional manager Dave Christen said in an interview Thursday.

Some signed up in person on July 16 after the announcement of the triathlon’s return, while the majority of people entered the race online between noon July 22 and just before noon on July 23, when registrations were capped.

“We knew the demand was going to be high,” said Christen. “We could sense it in the chatter.”

He declined to reveal exactly how many people had registered, explaining such figures are closely guarded secrets in the business, but suggested the number is on par with the 2011 and 2012 races here, when upwards of 3,000 athletes signed up for each race.

Christen said about 60% of those registered for the race on Aug. 30, 2020, will be coming from outside of Canada.