Warriors sold

The troubled West Kelowna Warriors hockey franchise is getting new owners.

"I can confirm that the BCHL has purchased the West Kelowna Warriors, but we will not comment further until the deal closes," said Jesse Adamson, coordinator of content services for the BC Hockey League, in an email on Thursday.

Warriors owner Kim Dobranski has confirmed he is the process of divesting himself from the team, which has suffered from a lack of fans.

"Yes, it has (been sold), effective the end of October," Dobranski wrote in an email.

Efforts to contact Dobranski for elaboration have been unsuccessful so far.

Dobranski, who bought the team in August 2018, was appealing in late September for more people to attend the Warriors' home games at Royal LePage Place arena.

"You can help, by nudging your neighbour, co-worker, husband or wife, your doctor, your friends, anyone you come in contact with, to come to just one game this season," Dobranski wrote in an open letter to the Westside community.

"Come check out a game! It's affordable, the atmosphere is captivating, the food is great, and fans are amazing,' Dobranski wrote.

Off-ice, the franchise has made news for a series of coaching changes

After Dobranski bought the team in August 2018, veteran Warriors coach Rylan Ferster quit on the eve of the regular season and was replaced by Geoff Grimwood.

Grimwood was then fired, re-hired and fired again. Then a woman said to have invested in the team launched a lawsuit against Dobranski for failing to put her son on the Warriors.