Happy Canada Day, or Fete du Canada, celebrating the Canadian Constitution Act of 1867, when four colonies united within the British Empire into a single country we proudly call Canada.

When I was a Canadian expatriate living in England, July 1 meant most Canadians migrated to Trafalgar Square, where Canada House was located and thousands of us partied to live music and fun events. Yes, hockey was involved, using plastic sticks and rubber pucks. There were lots of adult refreshments as well as clean-cut Canadian fun, all themed around our red and white flag proudly portraying the maple leaf.

Same in Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai and all the other countries I happened to be in on this magnificent day. Everyone wanted to join in and party like a Canadian.

Kelowna is no exception. There are so many activities planned for us today and I hope you are reading this quickly, guzzling your coffee and getting your walking shoes on because Festivals Kelowna has organized heaps of crazy free fun for our community anniversary party. It’s scattered all around the Cultural District, Prospera Place, Jim Stuart Park, Kerry Park and Waterfront Park, running from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. An activity agenda as thick as my husband’s “honey-do” list dominates these areas, so check out the Facebook page by typing into your search engine: Celebrate Canada Day – Kelowna.

Later in the evening, make your preparations and get your spot-ready because at 10:30 p.m., the fireworks kick off at Tugboat Bay. Thanks in part to City of Kelowna, Tolko Industries, Skyline Fireworks and Festivals Kelowna for financing these explosive pyrotechnics that excite, delight and fill us almost speechless as our childlike splendour musters up those descriptive words “Oohh!, Ahhh! Whoohoo!”

Park a bit away from the centre and enjoy the walk. As always, there will be parking restrictions, so please be aware of that.


If too much of a good thing is not on your agenda, but a smaller venue for fun is still an option, then Cedar Creek Winery might be your fancy.

The winery is hosting a BBQ and Wine Garden today, running 2 - 6 p.m. with a live music concert of ’50s cover tunes performed by The Middles. Admission is free as well as the live entertainment, but there is a charge for the food and wine.

A great idea for a splendid scenic lakeside drive to a wonderful location to enjoy a sip of award winning wines and nibbles of delectable burgers, sausages or even tuna with tabbouleh.

Bring a blanket or some chairs and enjoy the celebratory atmosphere of this special day. The winery is located at 5445 Lakeshore Rd., call 250-764-8866.


“What good is sitting alone in your room, come here the music play…”

On Friday and Saturday, Kelowna Actors Studio will present the sensational musical, Cabaret.

These two shows will be performed by the Youth Company as its final fundraising effort for collecting cash to go on a trip of a lifetime to New York City.

This August, the troupe will visit Broadway, the home of musical theatre, probably the Mecca for aspiring young actors.

They will also see the show Cabaret and visit backstage, meet the actors, and be able to ask advice and gain knowledge from seasoned professionals.

Showtime is 8 p.m. Tickets are $25 and can be purchased online at kelownaactorsstudio.com or at the box office at 1379 Ellis St. Alternatively, you can call


KAS is training these young adults well and this should be a great show. I’ve yet to see something mediocre from them and doubt I will.


The Alternator Centre for Contemporary Art is introducing Comic Jam to Kelowna.

Last spring, the success of the Kelowna Animae and Comic-Con Festival hosted by the innovative Bonnie Gratz of New Vintage Theatre planted the idea in the head of Asher Klassen, community outreach assistant at the gallery.

The gallery wants to invite anyone who has ever had an idea to write, draw or construct a comic strip or any artist who already has a drawer full and wants to exhibit them to like-minded artists.

For the next two Saturdays, the gallery is literally holding a jam session, but for comic strip artists. The idea is to either collaborate with other attendees or draw your own, start a panel and ask others to elaborate in order to collectively make a comic strip. The point is to have fun, be creative and enjoy the artistry. If you have never before had a chance to get creative like this, but are interested and keen, then Klassen invites you with open arms, saying this could be a launch pad for future creators.

This inaugural event is hosted with the enthusiastic support of several community businesses and organizations: Art Brew, Kelowna Anime and Comic Festival, Pulp Fiction Coffee House and New Vintage Theatre.

Find more information about Kelowna Comic Jam on Facebook or contact the organizer Asher J. Kassen at the gallery at 250-868-2298, or email your request or questions to outreach@alternatorcentre.com.

— Anna Jacyszyn is an award winning jazz singer and recipient of the Civic Honour of the Arts award, the Okanagan Arts award in Music. Her column runs each Tuesday in eVent. Email her at artafactevent@gmail.com.