Let’s talk about scalpers buying up the new gaming consoles online.

In the past, people might buy up more than one of the new consoles upon release, but it required more effort.

A person would have to get a friend to go with them to a store and get him to buy one, too, as most retailers had a one-console-per-person or family limit on the initial release of the units.

The last few years, scalpers using bots for buying shoes and other collectibles online has blown up. These bots can buy hundreds of pairs of the new Nike Jordans in seconds and check out before a human can even get one pair.

They then resell them for many times the retail price.

I have tried to get the latest pair from places like Foot Locker only to be denied within seconds of them hitting the site.

I will admit in past console generations, Sony and Microsoft have sent me consoles to talk about and review them.

This year with COVID-19, Microsoft and Sony Playstation consoles were put online to stop people lining up outside stores and causing more exposure. The logic is solid, but they forgot about scalpers with bots.

The last few rounds of the consoles going up online at retailers have been a sore spot for us gamers.

Many of us had a console in our carts and completed the forms, only to be told the console is now out of stock.

One scalper group alone got their hands on over 3,000 Playstation 5 consoles with these bots. Those consoles are going for over $1000 and up on eBay.

Sadly some people are paying these prices which just fuels these people. If we didn’t pay these prices, scalpers wouldn’t be interested in buying them.

Many have asked my opinion on the newest consoles from Sony and Microsoft, but with the console seemingly in shorter supply this launch, I wasn’t sent a system so please be patient. I don’t take money from any company.


A quick note about last week’s holiday guide. Crash Bandicoot 4 It’s About Time is Rated E 10+. Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War is the full name and is also on PC. Sorry for any confusion.

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