Nomad are, from left, Josh MacDonald (bass), Matt Johnstone (guitar/vocals), Bretton Melanson, (drums/vocals), Jeff Mabb (guitar/vocals).

An Okanagan-based progressive death metal band will release its debut album in March.

The second single from the album is just being released now.

Nomad’s album, The Mountain, will be released on March 3. It’s available for preorder at Fans of Gojira, Lamb of God and Pantera should like it.

The new song, Revolution, is a ballad for the first half and a screeching rocker for the second.

“The lyrics call for a revolution, a societal change, redistribution of wealth, symbiosis with nature, and to stop messing up the damn planet so our kids have a decent world to live in. The album title comes from the final line of the song,” the band says in a press release.

Nomad’s new lineup features a shared singer lineup, where three of the four members take the lead vocals. The approach is said to let the band take on different styles from a raw old-school sound to a more refined modern sound.