Celestial Prophecies

Heather Zais is an Okanagan resident and astrologer. Contact her via email at heather_zais@telus.net.

OVERVIEW: Compare notes to see how critical matters should be handled now or wait for other updated information. Ramp up testing or research; revisit what was considered in the past.

Take a chance on something outside the box. Funding may need to come from an alternate source as well. Support from those who have good track records would be helpful.

Make sure everyone gets credit for their contribution. Keep discussions open near or far. Timing is important to when things get rolled out.

Relationships undergo a shift in loyalties personally or in business. Adjust to the changes as some are more suited than others to certain positions.

ARIES: Private meetings could result in switches in the pecking order. It works if all will agree.

TAURUS: You can feel like the lone ranger now as more responsibility falls on your shoulders.

GEMINI: Your security is greater when attached to others in key positions or powerful status.

CANCER: Extended communications near or far show the timing of future events or moves.

LEO: Don’t waste time on situations that take too much work to get the desired results etc.

VIRGO: Present yourself in a way that others will be impressed or agree with your reasoning.

LIBRA: Your influence behind the scenes has the desire affect. A shift of direction is positive.

SCORPIO: Seek closure or get rid of what you don’t need anymore. You will be relieved.

SAGITTARIUS: Your status is on the rise. This can impact your income in powerful ways.

CAPRICORN: Make needed changes or take steps to get what you want. This can work.

AQUARIUS: Others see that you are the power behind the scenes. Become more visible.

PISCES: Your intuition is a big help in convincing other to your way of thinking. Discuss it.

Heather Zais is an Okanagan resident and astrologer. Her column appears each Saturday. Email: heather_zais@telus.net.