OVERVIEW: Certain situations come down to the final arguments to reach a decision. There will not be much use trying to back up that truck. There has been ample time to get points across on both sides. Bag up your marbles and move on.

In some cases it will be taken out of the hands of the players and given to someone or group not biased.

The blame game makes some look silly. Think about your reputation or how you want to be remembered; this will matter.

Others decide to let go or retire in some form. No use trying to drag past the designated finish line. There are some surprises about who stays and who goes. Relax and let it evolve.

ARIES: Update funding information or look for a different source to fit with workable timelines.

TAURUS: Actions you take may shock or surprise others. Move forward as they drop away.

GEMINI: You need to be firm with those who test your patience. Take a different approach.

CANCER: Relationship issues cause each to retreat to their own corners or positions now.

LEO: Whether you shake the tree or others do there is change in the wind. Adjust to this.

VIRGO: Think over what you really want and make sure it matches with what is possible.

LIBRA: Avoid involvement in anything unstable especially with finances. Consult adviser.

SCORPIO: You take the reins and make decisions concerning locations or positions etc.

SAGITTARIUS: Shift gears as you deal with outstanding matters or do timely catch-up.

CAPRICORN: Take care of what needs to be done instead of what other are wanting.

AQUARIUS: Make a decision or take a stand that will keep things intact. Be adaptable.

PISCES: Let others have the floor even if your patience is tested listening to them talk.

Heather Zais is an Okanagan resident and astrologer.

Her column appears on Saturdays.

Email: heather_zais@telus.net.