West Kelowna city councillors delayed approving a dock at Frind Winery until they get more assurance the dock won't become busier than it already is.


West Kelowna city councillors want assurances a lakeside winery’s dock won’t draw more marine traffic than it already does.

Council delayed approval Tuesday of a zoning amendment to allow for the continued use of the dock at Frind Winery.

“Council asked staff to work with the applicant to ensure that the bylaw amendments clearly limit the dock to six temporary moorage slips, the same number as is currently there,” the city said Wednesday in a release.

Part of the agreement would include a new dedicated public-right-of-way across the beach, connecting Pritchard Road with a small waterfront park north of the winery.

Frind Winery is owned by Markus Frind, who sold the PlentyofFish dating website he developed to for $575 million U.S. in 2015. The vineyard and winery was built on property formerly owned by the late Bill Bennett, premier of B.C. from 1975-1986.