B.C. Conservative hopeful

Konrad Pimiskern

The runner-up in the last BC Conservative Party leadership vote will not be stepping up following the recent termination of party leader Dan Brooks.

Brooks revealed last week the party’s board had ruled a party meeting that approved his candidacy for the September leadership race lacked a quorum, and stripped him of his leadership.

Kelowna financial adviser Konrad Pimiskern was the runner-up in the September leadership contest, receiving 47.9 per cent of the votes.

However, he is not interested in taking Brooks’ place as leader.

“As it stands, I have chosen not to be the interim leader of the party,” Pimiskern said Tuesday. “When you see the details, it will be evident why.”

Pimiskern said he feels the party is being too vague about the circumstances surrounding the leadership race.

“The information that they put out does not explain the full extent of what’s actually happened,” he said. “This is not something they can just sweep under the rug.”

In a memo sent to BC Conservative members, president Corbin Mitchell said the board made a “constitutional procedural error” in approving one of the candidates, referring to Brooks.

“The results announced at the convention are not valid, and the position of leader of the BC Conservative Party is now vacant,” said Mitchell. “We will be exploring every avenue possible to fill the leadership void that this error has created.”

A public message detailing the circumstances may be on the way.

“They’ve assured me they will be sending out a more detailed statement about what actually happened, and frankly, they need to,” said Pimiskern.

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