Inside 23

Ty Collie (far left) and Skylah Charleyboy (back row) presented and sang at a Board of Education meeting with (from front row left) Isabel Helbig (Kindergarten), Max Zumbo (Grade 4), Piper Dunford (Grade 5), and Wyatt Jones (Grade 5).

In early April, we went to Hudson Road Elementary to spread awareness about Aboriginal Day. Together, we learned about how kids look up to role models very fast, and how important being a role model is to our personal well being.

We realized that spreading awareness is very important and we are very respectful, teaching the kids about protocol and how to handle a drum. We learned that the youth are actively ready to learn about Aboriginal culture, and seeing that really goes to show that the next generation is the turning point.

Skylah Charleyboy is very rich with her culture and ready to teach. “My experience at the elementary school was one to remember, because when I was younger I never got to learn anything along those lines,” she says.

For Ty Collie, the experience was the “highlight of his year,” as he watched the kids singing and drumming. We both had a great experience and we would be happy to do it again. Max Zumbo, a Grade 4 learner who participated with us, summed up the impact of our outreach.

“At Aboriginal Awareness day, I learned that we are borrowing the land from our great, great, great grandchildren and our elders did not do the best job of taking care of it,” says Max.

“In the future, we need to respect the land, talk to the Ogopogo from the heart, and ask permission before going into the lake. I wish that in the future, everyone has an opportunity to experience and learn what I have.”