West Kelowna city manager Paul Gipps, shown top left during a Zoom council meeting in 2020, says it appears most people in the community are "satisfied" with the municipality's plan to increase its tax haul 30% in the next four years.

People in West Kelowna are "satisfied" with the municipality's plan to draw almost 30% more in property taxes over the next four years, city manager Paul Gipps says.

Municipal taxes are set to rise four percent this summer pending council's expected approval at a meeting next Tuesday.

As part of a "public engagement process', the city invited comment on its plan to boost total municipal taxes from $36.5 million this year to $46.1 million in 2025.

The consultation process was promoted during the last two weeks of February through the city's website, social media, postcards sent to homes, and advertisements.

Nineteen completed surveys were received. Five people watched an interactive online video presentation. Five emails were received.

West Kelowna has a population of 36,000 people.

"It is apparent from the feedback that most people understand the budgeting process reasonably well and are satisfied with the city's financial planning," Gipps writes in a report to council.

However, a detailed summary of the 19 responses included in an appendix to the report shows more comments in favour of reducing taxes or cutting services (13) than increasing taxes (10).