A multi-generational activity centre, now under construction in Lake Country, needs additional funding to ensure its completed on time this August, town council will hear tonight.

A new activity centre in Lake Country could cost $400,000 more than expected, town council will hear tonight.
Municipal staff will recommend the shortfall be covered using gas tax money returned to Lake Country by the government.
Construction of the multi-generational activity centre and related upgrades to municipal infrastructure began last summer with a contract value of $6.5 million. A contingency fund of $100,000 was also established.
"Every effort has been made to strictly manage the project budget," Steve Petryshyn, of the town's infrastructure services department, writes in a report to council.
"(But) the project has proven to be a complicated build. Working within aging facilities, such as the arena and seniors centre, has resulted in many unforeseen issues," Petryshyn says.
There were "design errors", he says, during preparation of the construction tender documents. As well, the cost of materials has risen since construction started, he says, and there "complexities" related to COVID-19.
The $100,000 contingency fund has already been used up, but an additional $300,000 is still necessary to provide additional contingency funds to ensure the project is completed as scheduled  in early August.
Components include a two-storey community centre of 7,000 sq.-ft., a daycare, technology and arts labs, Boys and Girls Club, and renovations and upgrades to the seniors centre and arena.
The site, at 9830 Bottom Wood Lake Rd. also has a food bank, curling club, baseball diamond, and horseshoe club.