A Kelowna developer's request to build more single-family homes and fewer multi-family units at the McKinley Beach neighborhood in the Glenmore area of Kelowna has been rejected by city council.

A Kelowna developer has lost his bid to build more single-family homes and fewer townhouses and apartments on his land.

City council turned down the request on Tuesday, saying the proposal from the owner of McKinley Beach amounted to an undesirable form of urban sprawl.

The proposed single-family homes would have been outside the city's permanent growth boundary, several councillors noted.

"We have always defended the permanent growth boundary," Coun. Luke Stack said. "If we can hold the line on this, we can help concentrate the growth of our city."

Stack joined councillors Charlie Hodge, Mohini Singh, and Loyal Wooldridge in voting against the proposal. In favour were Mayor Colin Basran, Brad Sieben, Gail Given and Maxine DeHart.

Because Coun. Ryan Donn missed the meeting, the vote was 4-4 and the proposal failed.

The proposal would not have increased the number of housing units to be built at McKinley Beach, set at a maximum of 1,300, just shifted the allocation toward more single-family homes away from multi-family units.

"The units we're talking about are already approved," Given said. "It's a matter of how they're distributed."

Rejection of the proposal came despite an offer from McKinley Beach developer Grant Gaucher to donate 246 acres of land, valued at $11 million, to the city for use as a new park. It would have been Kelowna's third largest city park, after Knox Mountain Park and Dilworth Park.

Most of the donated land was to have come from an area where a golf course was to have been built.

So far, 485 homes have been built at McKinley Beach, in the Glenmore valley near the city's northern boundary with the town of Lake Country, leaving 815 to be built in the comingĀ  years.