Half of the new construction that will take place in Kelowna during the next two decades should happen downtown or near one of four other urban centres, the city suggests in its proposed official community plan update.

Creating new parks downtown and in other urban centres of Kelowna is a key goal of the city's new official community plan.

Other objectives are discouraging new subdivisions in outlying areas, protecting agricultural land, and prioritizing the construction of multi-family projects over more single-family homes.

From now until 2040, the horizon of the new official community plan, the city wants to see almost half of new construction take place in urban centres such as downtown, central Rutland, and the South Pandosy area.

The city's favoured housing split would be three-quarters in multi-family, and one-quarter made up of single-family or two-home developments. About 25,000 new homes will be built between now and 2040, the city estimates.

Though new suburban developments will be discouraged, the city anticipates the completion of in-progress developments such as Tower Ranch, Black Mountain, the Ponds, Wilden, McKinley Beach, and Kirschner Mountain.

In 2040, Kelowna's population is forecast to be 180,000, up from 145,000 currently.

Interested members of the public can comment on the new official community plan at a public hearing Oct. 26 at City Hall. It's the only item on the agenda for the meeting, which starts at 6 p.m.