McKinley Beach

Although he has the power to do so, Kelowna Mayor Colin Basran says he's not currently contemplating asking council to vote again on a controversial land swap with the developers of McKinley Beach. The plan was defeated 4-4 in a tie vote last month.

The clock is ticking on an opportunity for Kelowna Mayor Colin Basran to ask council to reconsider a contentious development proposal that was rejected.

On Aug. 24, council turned down a request from the developers of McKinley Beach to build  more single-family homes, and fewer multi-family units.

The proposal was rejected because it was a tie council vote, with Coun. Ryan Donn missing the meeting.

Under the Community Charter, a mayor can ask for reconsideration of any item previously dealt with by council so long as he or she does so within 30 calendar days.

Asked Tuesday if he would bring the item back for consideration, to be discussed by a full complement of councillors, Basran answered: "Not at this time."

The G Group of Companies says single-family homes are more popular than multi-family units. Under the rejected request, the total number of residential units to be developed at McKinley Beach would have stayed the same, at 1,300.

The developer had also proposed to give the city 246 acres of land for a new park.

Those on council who supported the plan — Basran, along with Gail Given, Brad Sieben, and Maxine DeHart — said it wouldn't affect the overall number of units to be built at McKinley Beach and said the donated parkland represented a significant benefit to the community.

The naysayers - councillors Loyal Wooldridge, Charlie Hodge, Mohini Singh, and Luke Stack - said the re-allocation of density away from multi-family and toward more single-family amounted to an unwelcome form of urban sprawl outside the city's urban growth boundary, and would lower the number of affordable homes at McKinley Beach.