The flow of Mission Creek through Kelowna surged to near-record levels early Tuesday and water overtopped the banks in several locations.

Heavy rain east of the city coupled with snowmelt almost quadrupled the creek’s velocity, from 30 cubic metres on Monday afternoon to 115 cubic metres per second by 3 a.m. Tuesday.

A record flow of 124 cubic metres per second was set in early May 2018. As of 9 a.m. Tuesday, the flow of the creek had fallen back to about 90 cubic metres per second.

Water levels had risen almost to the base of the KLO Road bridge over the creek, and a large log was hung up under the structure.

“We do have some bridges that are affected with a little bit of blockage so we’ve got crews that are monitoring them, and we have some low-lying flooding in expected areas, along with the Shadow Ridge golf course,” said Sandra Follack, a deputy chief with the Kelowna Fire Department.

Between four and six properties on Radant Road were flooded, with the rest of the over-topping affected mainly roads, Follack said. Some homes have water in the basements, but no structures are threatened and there have been no injuries and no evacuations.

The KLO Road bridge was closed temporarily. “We had to get rid of the debris that was causing some concerns,” Follack said. “We do have an excavator on site now to just keep an eye on it, and if anything else occurs we’ve got them ready to go.”

Some water was also flowing over the Casorso Road bridge, Follack said at 9:30 a.m. “We’re looking into that right now,” she said.

The southwest corner of the long-term parking lot at YLW had some flooding from nearby Bulman Creek and airport staff were relocating about 20 vehicles.

The creek flow surged after heavy rain Monday. About 14 mm fell in Kelowna, according to Environment Canada, but a weather advisory issued earlier Monday warned of as much as 40 mm in the regions east of the city, where Mission Creek originates.

“There is expected to be a little bit more rain coming than was previously anticipated, so we’ll be keeping a good watch on things for the next 24 to 72 hours,” Follack said. “People should stay away from the creeks. Crews are out there, and we’ll be distributing sandbags at some locations shortly.

“If you’re noticing something that isn’t being actioned yet, please give a call into the city public works yard (250.469.8600)," Follack said.