Tracy Gray has made it plain - she is double vaccinated against COVID-19.

The incumbent Conservative MP for Kelowna-Lake Country has finally responded directly to a question from Liberal challenger Tim Krupa about her vaccination status.

"Today, I'm letting you know that I'm vaccinated," Gray says on her Facebook campaign page.

When Krupa said he'd received his two shots as early as it was possible for him to do so, he challenged Gray on Aug. 26 to say whether she had been vaccinated. He also accused her of not recommending people get vaccinated, and claimed her supposed silence on the issue was "irresponsible, dangerous, and reckless".

Gray's first response was to say a person's medical history is private, though she added she had followed all public health guidance in regard to the COVID-19 vaccine. She also said she had consistently criticized the Liberal government for what she said was its failure to swiftly deliver vaccine supplies earlier in the pandemic.

Last Friday at 10:45 p.m., Gray posted to Facebook that was vaccinated against COVID-19 before the campaign started. She also took a swipe at Krupa, who worked for three years in Justin Trudeau's office and is seen by the Conservatives as a parachute candidate with no real ties or work history in Kelowna-Lake Country.

"Unfortunately due to a statement put out by the former Trudeau staffer turned candidate, my medical information has been used as a distraction away from six years of Liberal failures," Gray says.

"Today, I'm letting you know that I am vaccinated. This campaign should be about policy and the Liberals' failures, now that this is settled, let's get to work on securing the future."

In a Saturday post on his Twitter account, Krupa made no comment about Gray saying she was double vaccinated in response to his demand to know her status.

He did, however, object to the Conservatives' ongoing characterization of him as a parachute candidate saying it amounted to a "personal attack" on him.

"Frankly, that's offensive not only to me but to any young person who grew up in this Valley, who's gone out to gain more education or to get a job," Krupa said.