The number of foreign students attending Kelowna Secondary School should be capped at 50 next year, trustees will hear Wednesday night. Currently, the school has 58 students from other countries, down from the 65 that had been expected.

A cap of 50 foreign students should be in place next year at Kelowna's  biggest high school, trustees were to hear last night.

There are currently 58 foreign students at Kelowna Seconday School, which has a total enrolment this fall of 1,822 students.

Expectations were that 65 foreign students would attend KSS this year but the ongoing pandemic has affected many students' travel and educational plans.

Only 25 foreign students have signed contracts to attend KSS next year but that number is expected to rise.

Just over 400 foreign students from 29 countries attend public schools in the Central Okanagan, most of them at the high school level. Over the past 14  years, the high tuition paid by the families of foreign students has produced $30 million in net income for the school district.