A Kelowna resident whose Halloween display included a Confederate flag and an effigy of hanging is in trouble with police.

Kelowna RCMP said in a Wednesday release they are "working to speak" with the person who lives at the home where the display was shown.

Once they are able to speak with that person, the release states, they will request that the Confederate flag be removed.

When city bylaw officers went to the house, the hanging effigy had already been removed.

"We are taking this incident extremely seriously and are collectively working with city bylaw officers as to the appropriate course of action," Kelowna RCMP Insp. Adam MacIntosh said in the release.

"These symbols only serve to fuel hatred and division and such behaviour cannot be tolerated in our community and society," MacIntosh said.

Displaying the Confederate flag is not illegal in Canada but its presentation can draw police interest.

Last July, some people participating in a parade to celebrate racial harmony in Summerland saw a man waving at them and pointing to a Confederate flag hanging from a nearby truck.

Summerland RCMP appealed for anyone with dashcam footage to come forward and help them with their investigations. The Mounties eventually arranged a meeting between the man who displayed the Confederate flag and Summerland Mayor Toni Boot, who is Black.

The man said he'd purchased the flag from a dollar store in Summerland. Boot then went to the store and demanded owner Allan Carter remove items emblazoned with the Confederate flag.

Carter first said the items had been mistakenly put out for sale, but then he demanded an apology from Boot for damaging his reputation. She refused, saying it was part of her job as mayor to denounce racism.

For his part, Kelowna Mayor Colin Basran said he was "encouraged and grateful" that the RCMP was investigating the Halloween display.

"There's no place in Kelowna for this kind of racist imagery, which is hurtful to people of colour and all who cherish an inclusive community," Basran said.

The Confederate flag was flown during the U.S. Civil War by the southern states that wanted to preserve slavery.