A 125-metre-long public walkway will be built through the Frind Estate Winery in West Kelowna, from the end of Pritchard Drive to connect with a nearby beach.

A public walkway through a waterfront winery will be established as a result of a City of West Kelowna council decision this week.

The three-metre wide walkway will run through the Frind Estate Winery property, from the end of Pritchard Drive through to a public beach at the end of nearby West Bay Drive.

The 125-metre-long walkway was agreed-to by winery owner Markus Frind as part of efforts to bring an existing dock, with slips for six boats, into regulatory compliance. City rules normally limit such docks to one slip.

As part of the agreement, the dock will be limited to six moorage slips and no sewage can be discharged from moored boats.

“I’m really happy with the outcome of this one,” Coun. Rick De Jong said. “It’s allowing the applicant to move forward and enjoy the dock at a commercial level, which they want to do and were already trying to do anyways, but it also reflects council and community concerns.”

The website for Frind Estate Winery says it is the first beachfront winery in North America. The winery and adjacent vineyard was developed on property formerly owned by the Bennett family, two of whose members served as B.C. premiers.

Frind made his fortune as a Vancouver software developer by developing the Plenty of Fish dating website, which he sold to for $575 million U.S. in 2015.