Racist attack

InfoNews video shows an anti-vaccine protester spewing racial hate toward a security guard.

A video showing a protester’s blatant racism against a security guard outside of a Kelowna immunization clinic is drawing widespread condemnation—including from the premier.

The video first posted by InfoNews this week shows vocal anti-masker and anti-vaxxer, Bruce Orydzuk, on a tirade against a guard who’s wearing turban.

“Move back to your country,” says Orydzuk. “You’re disgusting. Go back to India. We don’t want you here.”

Again and again, he repeats: “You’re not a Canadian. You’re not a Canadian. You are not a Canadian.”

The guard remains composed and firm as he holds his ground trying to keep the protesters away from the church where people are receiving their COVID-19 vaccine.

Orydzuk holds a sign that reads, “You are about to take part in a medical experiment with uninformed consequences, do you have informed consent on injury and death numbers?”

B.C. Premier John Horgan shared his outrage on Twitter.

“This is vile, racist behaviour. If this is how you treat people, you are the problem,” wrote Horgan. “Racism is a scourge and we must stand together against it to build a better province.”

Kelowna Coun. Mohini Singh shared the video on Facebook, calling the incident “horrible horrible horrible.”

“This is not what Kelowna stands for or will accept,” she said.

Kelowna RCMP say they are investigating the incident as a possible hate crime.

A separate video that Orydzuk shared on his own social media shows footage of a downtown anti-mask rally; belligerent protesters are recorded being asked by a downtown Kelowna business to move away so her customers can come in and out.

“Be nice, please, we’re in Canada,” Orydzuk says to the shopkeeper. “The vaccination’s obviously taken your manners away, too.”