Artist's work chosen by Canada Post

Laurie Koss will have two of her paintings of pansies used as Canada Post stamps, which are to be released on March 2.

So how does an artist feel knowing her work will potentially be seen by millions of people around the world?


Kelowna artist Laurie Koss said having two of her paintings selected for Canada Post stamps was a “very humbling experience.”

“I thought, why me? Out of all the artists in Canada, why me?” said Koss.

The ironic part is, Koss wasn’t even trying to get the postal service to notice her paintings. They came to her.

“It was a complete shock, really,” said Koss who was contacted by Canada Post via email last year.

It was an email she initially ignored. “I glanced at it and closed it,” she said. “I didn’t think it was real.”

After talking to her husband about it, she went back to the email and realized it was a legitimate request from Canada Post asking her to paint two pansies for stamps that will be released March 2.

“It blew my mind that they found my website,” she said of how Canada Post learned of her work.

“It’s a huge honour. I still can hardly believe it.

“Millions of stamps will be printed. It will go down in history.”

And as stamps, her artwork has the potential to go around the world. It will also be sought by stamp collectors.

“It will be my biggest audience ever,” said Koss from her in-home studio.

Art has always been a part of Koss’ life. Her mother was an accomplished painter and she knew at the age of five she wanted to be an artist as well.

Initially, her focus was on photography, which she studied at university.

Koss admits to a fascination with flowers and has taken countless pictures of flowers over the years.

Then one day, she decided to paint one of her flower pictures, launching a new passion of photographing and then painting flowers with acrylic on canvas.

After discovering her work at, officials with Canada Post said they wanted her to paint an icicle pansy and then any pansy of her choice.

“I went out and bought tons of pansies,” she said. Koss then proceeded to take hundreds of pictures of the pansies and slowly narrowed it down to her two favourites.

She submitted the paintings to Canada Post, which gave them its stamp of approval.

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