A Kelowna author will be signing copies of her book Diesel – Four Days to Kill a Dog at Mosaic Books in downtown Kelowna on July 30.

Helen Schiele, a local dog advocate, tells the story of the regional district’s seizure of Dave Smith’s dog, Diesel, in 2011.

Smith fought a highly-publicized and lengthy battle to prevent Diesel, a German Shepherd-Rottweiler cross, from being euthanized as a dangerous animal.

The animal was held in the regional pound for more than two years while the court cases went on.

A lower court ordered the dog destroyed but Smith appealed to the B.C. Supreme Court in 2013. The court spared Diesel's life, but ruled it could not be returned to Smith because he was not a responsible owner.

Smith's champions saw him as a victim of an out-of-control and vindictive dog control service. The regional district said the animal was the subject of 10 complaints for such things as chasing cats, fighting other dogs, and scaring children.

Schiele said her book is based on transcripts of the four-day trial.

The book signing goes from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

- Story updated to correct day of book signing