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Friday the 13th is unlucky — you drew Miller Time as the daily column. I’ll leave black cats, hockey masks and sidewalk cracks out of my writing today.

Delivering on a campaign promise, the Liberals were eager to begin implementing policies that addressed growing income inequality in Canada. After all, the middle class is disappearing, and working Canadians are falling further behind each year as the wealthy grow more rich.

As a travel writer, I have been invited to attend a tourism mart in India in May. With profound regret, I had to decline the invitation as I have adopted a self-imposed boycott of India in protest of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s anti-Muslim policies.

According to the OECD’s comparative statistics, Canada spends a higher proportion of GDP, at almost 11%, on health care than Japan, the Euro area, the U.K., and Australia and New Zealand.

With the creation of a new federal electoral riding in B.C., it appears the metropolis of Penticton will soon be part of two ridings thus meaning residents on one side of Main Street will vote for different candidates than their neighbours across the street.

Dear Editor: A recent poll of Kelowna residents indicates over 50% of respondents believe Canada is doing enough to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Kathy Pierre, rural trustee for the Okanagan Skaha School District, has announced she won’t seek re-election in October. Pierre, who knocked off a longtime incumbent by 11 votes in the 2018 election, did a superb job — very thorough, well researched and she delivered positive change to the board.

Dear Editor: Eating in a small family-type restaurant is one of my favourite things to do. It may not happen often but when it does I enjoy it to the fullest. So a week or two ago I found myself seated in a smallish “eatery” where I could enjoy a simple menu, nice surroundings and a spatteri…

Easter Sunday was a glorious, near-perfect calm and sunny day and the editorial “we” went fishing, plural.

Apparently, there are some in Ottawa who think inducing a recession by setting an ever-higher policy interest rate is the most effective way to reduce the current rate of inflation. If this were a competition, such an approach would take the cake as stupid economic strategy.


“Drink beauty” is written four times in stylish cursive on the foil around the elegantly tapered neck of the Gancia Prosecco Brut ($26) bottle.

Dear Editor: Earth Day was a time to plan for climate-friendly actions we can take moving forward and reflect on what we are doing or have done. At Studio9 School of the Arts we constantly discuss and plan for Earth-friendly activities or initiatives. To date Studio9 has undertaken a substan…


My church friend Ann works for a local funeral parlour. Parlour is the old name for sitting room, or living room. Now such establishments are called not dead rooms, but funeral homes.

Dear Editor: Perhaps it’s my age that has, somewhat, tainted my tolerance for ignorance and idiocy. With regards to the letter by Gary Young, April 16 (“Climate change used as a political excuse”), in which he states that a god is responsible for the placement of products such as gasoline, d…

As is frequently the case, the recent federal budget is mainly a political document laying out the principal focus of the government in Canada. And Chrystia Freeland provided exactly that last Thursday.


Blue Mountain Vineyard and Cellars in Okanagan Falls will not make any 2021 vintage wines because grapes grown on its 31-hectare estate show smoke taint.