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It’s summertime in British Columbia. The scene is becoming all too familiar. The sticky smell of smoke from wildfires hangs in the air and a grey haze hangs over communities with a red, glowing sun breaking through. The news is filled with fire stories and the devastating short- and long-ter…

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DEAR EDITOR: People need to realize many chronic diseases are brought on by our lifestyle choices, so if you have a heart attack, Type 2 diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, obesity, or high cholesterol, you and you alone are responsible for your condition.

Housing is a critical issue in the current election. Two factors in particular have highlighted this issue. First, the escalating prices of housing, particularly single-family detached residences. Secondly, the limited supply of lower-cost housing such as rowhouses and affordable rental properties.

Fire, of any kind, is a tremendous force we often use to our advantage. Obviously, forest fires may help to rekindle new growth, but they can also be horribly destructive with vast economic repercussions. 

At a Kelowna city council meeting on Aug. 27, a proposal by developer Grant Gaucher to change the composition of the 1,300 units previously approved in the McKinley Beach area went down to defeat. The new proposal reduced the number of multi-family units and townhouses and increased the numb…

I had my 85th birthday this last week. It’s a new experience for me. I’ve never had an 85th birthday before; I’ll know I’ll never have one again. Obviously.

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The North Star, situated at the end of the little dipper, is a faithful friend to travellers and sailors alike.

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Dear God: Why do you keep picking on Haiti? It is, by far, the poorest country in the Americas. It has the fewest resources to recover from a disaster. It has no industries, no exports, no assets, and no hope.

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I want to tell you about a word that will change the world, but first, let me tell you about a large bag of seeds I was given—thousands of specks, with the promise of bright perennial flowers.

I remember years ago, when I was in my twenties, spending hours upon hours, frustratingly trying to decode the legal minutia of a 7th Century Babylonian Talmudic text: What happens when an honorary trustee accidentally comes upon a piece of lost property?

On July 23, Minister of Immigration Marco Mendicino and his cabinet colleagues announced the launch of a new resettlement program for interpreters who worked with the Canadian Armed Forces, as well as cooks, drivers, cleaners, construction workers, security guards and locally engaged staff e…


Seventy-six years ago yesterday, the world’s first atomic bomb seared the city of Hiroshima in Japan. A blast of heat erased buildings, much like the forest fire that burned the village of Lytton to its foundations earlier this summer.

If you follow the rumours out of Ottawa, it has been reported, as early as Monday Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will request our new governor general, Mary Simon, dissolve Parliament and call an election.

With modern astronomical instruments showing us collisions between black holes, and the traces of the birth of the universe, it is easy to think these were the most challenging problems in astronomy. However, the most challenging thing has been to understand stars: those dots in the sky.


Rabbi Yaakov Shimshon of Kosov (Ukraine, 1814-1880) loved to share with his students the stories of the great Jewish mystics, the Hassidim.

The public schools of the 1950s and ‘60s were not the best places for young children or even teenagers. Physical punishment was still allowed, i.e. strapping,  and was used liberally and without parent consent.

One lesson from the COVID-19 pandemic is that we must permanently adjust how we live with others. In particular, unless we find some foolproof way of verifying vaccination status, the economy, in my opinion, will grind to a halt.

As my summer listening tour continues around the riding of Central Okanagan Similkameen Nicola, one topic that’s raised often is vaccine passports.

Every strata corporation suffers wear and tear on its capital. To account for that and plan an orderly replacement, each strata needs to have a plan as to the amount projected to be spent on capital replacement each year. In B.C., the Contingency Reserve Fund is intended to fund common expen…

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“A teenage girl who stabbed a boy to death in downtown Kelowna was sentenced to one day in custody after pleading guilty to manslaughter.”