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I was present at a talk recently given by British Columbia’s Seniors’ Advocate, Isobel Mackenzie. Given all the media focus that seniors in long-term care received during the pandemic, I was anxious to learn what she sees as the major challenges facing seniors in the coming decade.

Wars have been fought since the beginning of time. Blood has been shed for King and country, religious crusades and women; but the war no one ever talks about is the dreaded dandelion invasion.

Over the last four decades, the Canadian banking industry has been undergoing almost continuous and significant change in both the services it provides to their customers and the management of their operations.

We all fall into bouts of depression. We all have moments of sadness that overwhelm us from the inside, and a feeling that we’re alone against the world.

Even if 80% or more of the population eventually gets vaccinated against COVID-19 and its many variants and we approach so-called “herd immunity,” it does not follow that those not vaccinated will never contract or spread what may be a fatal illness.

Having lived in Kelowna for over 50 years and having had experience as a professional tour director, educator and historian, I wish to share my thoughts, as I will be leaving Kelowna in June to be with my family in my last years.

The World Bank, International Monetary Fund and National Intelligence Council of the United States are all putting out gloomy forecasts for the next two decades. They all see a combination of factors that could pose systemic risks to the world economy. 

Many years ago, when our son was still alive but not yet a teenager, our family watched a made-for-TV movie called “The Boy in a Plastic Bubble” starring John Travolta.

As we think about the message of Easter, let me share a couple of illustrations that Christians believe about Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday.

When community relations manager Debra Saunders was working on bios for the Summerland Seniors Village newsletter, she spent significant time interviewing Les Johnson, a long-time Summerlander who had recently celebrated a milestone birthday.

What does it feel like, to live in fear? Not the short-term fear, that an oncoming car won’t stop in time. The long-term, constant fear that you, through no fault of your own, are a target for violence. Just because of who you are.

Dear editor: I strongly believe that Canada is one of the most amazing countries in the world. I was so excited and happy to turn my Canadian dreams into reality when I arrived in 2017 as a caregiver. But in just less than a month, everything went wrong.


I grew up on the edge of a sprawling conurbation in Birmingham, England. If I stood on a local hill and gazed to the east, I would see the neon orange lights of endless back streets and factories of the industrial heartland — the pumping heart of a nation.

Premier John Horgan got it wrong. I’m talking about the Site C decision to persevere with what I am sure will turn out to be the biggest white elephant in the province’s history.