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I am beginning to believe that the Covid-19 pandemic has had a profound impact upon the economy both here and in the United States. This past week, my wife and I spent four days in Seattle – a venture we had not been able to undertake for more than 30 months.

It is a remarkable photograph and has been part of my local history and genealogy collection  for more than 50 years. I remember the day in 1971 when my mum Wilma (nee Clement), my brother Pat and I discovered it in a trunk in the attic of mum’s childhood Ellison home.

December rounds out the year of great gaming titles below are the games coming in December to the service. I'm currently finishing High on Life on the Series X.

We have been loving the December holiday rollout this past week! The Christmas bomb has exploded at our house, and we are happily putting everything in its special place for the annual festivities. As I mentioned last week, our Christmas baking has also begun, and I just finished making a do…

’Tis the season to be jolly. December is so much warmer when there is love in the air and creative spirits inspire us. New Vintage Theatre have invited their favorite characters to come to life with North Pole Stories, a celebration of music and interactive activities, and each ticket includ…

What does it mean to have market power? In the business world, if your firm enjoys market power it has a dominant position in a market such that it is able virtually to determine how the market grows and how difficult entry by new competitors would be. 

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Last full moon, I found myself in the North Okanagan out in the orchard with live music in the air. Branches bowed heavy with fruit, their sweetness flowing into my glass as Jasmine Wong led a tasting at BX Press Cidery.

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It’s surely not the way Uber would have wanted it, but the company is having to buy its way into Kelowna. The ridesharing giant is planning to acquire the licence of an­other company already given permission to provide service in Kelowna.

Most of us do not worry about public goods. In effect, we take them for granted. But, just imagine our city without them: no public sewer system, no water system, no public roads, no street lighting, no public schools, no traffic lights, no policing, no zoning, no snowplowing in the winter, …


For me, the Okanagan’s food and drink scene does not get much better than it is right now. Late summer brings epic loads of our best local fruits and vegetables in season, resulting in farmers markets bursting at the seams. Blue sky and sunshine repeat daily and draw us outdoors to restauran…

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You probably don’t have Monday, Aug. 15 circled on your calendar. Perhaps you should. It’s the 75th anniversary of the collapse of colonialism.

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Taylor Whelan takes no shortcuts. “You can’t make great wine from average grapes,” said the winemaker from CedarCreek Estate Winery in Kelowna.

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In my book, The Right Path: How Conservatives Can Unite, Inspire and Take Canada Forward, I identify three key groups from which the federal Conservative Party must seek support in order to expand the Tory voter base: New Canadians, urban/suburban voters, and Millennials/Generation Z.

Winery concerts returned to CedarCreek in Kelowna on Wednesday with a slow-jam, folk, East Coast vibe.

One man stands with a smile on his face and his arms opened wide as he welcomes the warm summer rains. Another man shakes his fist at the weather gods and curses that he is wet. Which man/woman are you? 

They say that married people who want to stay together, should not do certain things together. Little things like hanging wall-paper, picking out paint colours or packing.