Bernie Bates cartoon

The odds of being struck by lightning are approximately one in 15,500.

Who wouldn’t take those odds and lay down a $1 bet on a $10-million dollar lottery?

Hypothetically speaking; what if the odds were one in 10 million, would you wager your life?

 Let’s say there was a deadly contagious virus floating around, and it could be anywhere. It might be at any store, school or maybe you know someone who is an anti-vaxxer.

 Maybe you’re willing to bet your life; because you think that you know better than a bunch of doctors with fancy diplomas. The question is: are you willing to bet the life of someone you love? Even if the odds are one in 10 million?

“It’ll never happen to me. I’m tough!” That moronic statement is the rallying call for the uninformed.

Informed people who wear masks, get vaccinated and stay away from crowds are the reason for the decline in COVID-19 cases.

“It’s my right ‘not’ to wear a mask,” chirped a friendly lady whom I crossed paths with — and it’s just that easy — I could have caught something deadly from her!

 If she believes that wearing a mask is silly; chances are her friends believe the same thing, and their friends, and their friends – you get where I’m going with this — you can never tell.

“I heard that people who get vaccinated ‘shed’ the virus.” Said a fool who heard it from another fool, who heard it from another fool — you get where I’m going with this — it’s uninformed hear say, rumour and it, too, is deadly contagious.

The ‘fact’ is the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines contain RNA. If you’re smart enough to read this, I’ll assume you know how to Google. I’ll also assume you know the difference between bullshit in the pasture and a chocolate pie in the refrigerator. 

The downward curve in COVID statistics does not mean that people should mix and mingle like a bunch of horny toads.      

I’ll give you 10 million to one odds that people who like sex would get vaccinated if it were possible to get a STD from simply taking a breath in an elevator, a kiss or by shaking hands with an uninformed infectious imbecile. 

The definition of a human oxymoron is a moron who wants life to get back to normal, but that same moron insists on congregating at a festival of fools. The moron then spreads the virus to a doorknob, which then in turn shakes hands with another doorknob who also doesn’t think a pandemic serious.

The funny thing about people who take their medical advice from Facebook postings, Fox-mania TV or any other right wing outlet wouldn’t be stupid enough to let a plumber near their prostate — or maybe they would?

Summer weather is finally here; it stirs the wander lust in my heart, but my brain knows that’s how viruses travel. Viruses just hitch a ride on a doorknob who is on his to a festival of fools.

Are you going to get the shot or not?  Are you going to research the facts or believe rumors? Are you going to be smart and use your head?

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