Darwin by Bernie

By Bernie Bates

Special to the Okanagan

Newspaper Group

There once was a wise scientist named Darwin who observed that some finches on one island had long beaks for drinking sweet nectar, and on another island other finches had short tough beaks for cracking nuts.

Have you ever tried to crack a hard nut or change the mind of one? Some people won’t accept delivery of a fact, but will accept fiction from fellow followers of the almighty ‘Q’!

Misinformation is the opposite of education, and it spreads faster than a grass fire on a windy day. Here are a few web rumours: Did you know that a rich Jewish person was using green laser beams from outer space to start the fires in California or that Bill Gates was putting teeny tiny computers in every shot of the COVID-19 vaccines?

If you believe the following rumour it will prove you are either a complete moron or at the very least not competent enough to stand trial. People on the far right wing of the insane asylum have come up with the most vile and disgusting rumour ever; QAnon postings claim people like Tom Hanks, Anderson Cooper and Hillary Clinton drink the blood of children.

You have to ask yourself, what kind of sick mind comes up with this crap?

I, of all people, believe in free speech; as long as you don’t say something that may contribute to the injury of any man, woman or beast.

Don’t get me wrong, but stupidity has its value too. Stupid people give smarter people a starting point

with which to gauge their own stupidity.  

Throughout history, people have been doing stupid things. People have started wars because one group believes that god ‘A’ is bigger than god ‘Z’ or as in my case using your mom’s sheets for a parachute (it doesn’t work).

What’s the dumbest thing you’ve done?

People can become brainwashed to the point of committing murder or at the very least a nasty divorce.

What do Charles Manson, Jim Jones, Hitler and Donald Trump have in common? They’re all leaders of cults who’ve led many of their

followers to their deaths.

To this day, long after Charley Manson died, he still has followers – but I guess the same can be said of Jesus, Hitler, and Elvis.

I’m sure there’s someone you know that has a stubborn streak that runs from their bum to their hat; their opinions are chiselled in stone and they would rather die than say: “I’m sorry. I was wrong.”

The best defence from becoming an unwitting nitwit dancing on a corner and banging a tambourine is to ask some realistic questions.

Questions like: Would I really like living in a dorm room with 10 other men, while the great leader gets to sleep in the palace with 10 women? Do I really want to give my hard-earned money to a holy ghost, and why did they give me an IQ test before they let me join?

I really don’t know whether to be amused or astounded at how divided the population is – even here in our own backyard.

I’m amused how gullible some folks can be in this day and age, and at the same time I’m astounded at the advancements in science and how sad it is that these two minds shall never meet.

If you were feathered finch would you drink the sweet nectar of knowledge or are you just plain nuts? 

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